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Huskies Head Coach Brian Towriss discusses the spring scrimmage, complete with hilights, in the video below. It is recorded in OutsiderVision.

At the Huskie Football Awards Banquet on Friday night, things kicked off with a fun, humerous, and explosive video. A lot of people asked if we would post it, so here it is. The video was put together by our own video guy Doc Gervais.

[wpvideo IlkefX79]

Doc Gervais is back with another hilight package from the Huskies impressive win over the Bisons on Friday night.

During the 2009 season, NFL Films did a feature on the Pittsburgh Steelers video-tron and how they use it to get the fans pumped up. One way, is to play the song “Renegade” by Styx and mix some video with it. The Steelers used this effectively to get the stadium rocking. On this segment, which you can see here, the Steelers video people talk about how a phone showed up in their video booth. No one knew who put it there and it never rang, until one time during a game. They picked up the phone and all they heard was, “play Renegade.” They did and the Steelers sacked the | Full Article

The last practice of the week, the Huskies do a walk-through. It is a short, loose practice. Before the practice, the team meets and goes over some last minute assignments. Then, after a hard week of work, the coaches try to lighten the mood with some fun stuff. Here is what transpired the night before the Rams victory…

Here is the TV commercial that is airing to promote the big game against the Rams. Don’t be disappointed. Get your tickets now by calling 966-1111.