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Our final group on offense, the offensive line, is analyzed today. This is the third in our six-part series. Graduating Players: Hubert Buydens, Jarod Koroll Likely Returning Veterans: Darren Hinds, Patrick Neufeld, Ben Heenan, Cam Redl, Mike Fuller, Braden Kolybaba, Darcy Hinds, Burton Haig, Ryan Kemp, Brandon Myre, Brad Nehring, Matt Rozdilsky, Mark Roney, Evan Greff Outlook: Losing five-year starter Hubert Buydens will be a big blow, not only to the offensive line but to the entire team. Buydens was as good a leader as he was a player, a rare combination of talent and poise that earned him the respect of players and coaches across Canada, including the BC | Full Article