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Welcome back to the Huskie Outsider pre-game live blog. Today, we will update you from the stadium up until 5:45pm. After that, flip on Global TV for a live report from the stadium. Then tune in to at 6:30 for the start of the radio broadcast. Kick off tonight is at 7:00. Next week, OutsiderTV will have a live broadcast from the stadium from 6pm to 6:30pm. We hope to see you then! 5:50pm: Well, it was a busy afternoon for us, so we didn’t post as much as normal. Next week, we will have a live TV pre-game show. So, until then, see you at the game! 5:40pm: | Full Article

We are back for another pre-game live blog. We should be blogging until about 6:00 when we head over to the Coaches Club. CK750 will have their pre-game show starting at 6:30. 5:55pm That is a wrap for us. We are heading over to coaches club. Tune into CK750 for the game and check back here afterwards for complete coverage. 5:45pm Coach Shawn Olson of UBC just finished his Coaches Club interview. He says he always loves playing in Saskatoon because of the great college atmosphere at Griffiths. His favourite memory of playing here is the 40-30 Canada West Semi-Final win over the Huskies in 2008 when he was the | Full Article

OK, we are excited about the season so we are going to go all ESPN and have a three hour pre-game blog. We will be keeping you up to speed live from Huskie Outsider HQ at Griffiths Stadium. Remember, the pre-game radio show is at 6:30 on Keep hitting refresh to see the latest… 5:50 pm We are going to sign off early tonight to take part in the pre-game activities. We will be back after the game with post-game reports or comments. Kick-off is at 7:00 and it is a beautiful night. Hope to see you here at the stadium. 5:33 pm The defense just finished meeting. Coach | Full Article

Welcome to Huskieville, Canada West semifinal edition. We will be live blogging from around the stadium until around noon when we will head over to the coaches club for some insight into the game. Please hit refresh every few minutes to see the latest news. Don’t forget to flip over to CK750 for their live pre-game show at 12:30. Today’s game is not televised. 11:52am Well, that is it for the pre-game blog. The Huskies will be on the field in a few minutes and after that, we have no access to the team. The weather here is amazing today for football. If you aren’t sure about coming to the | Full Article

We will be live blogging the pre-game from about 3:30 to 6:00 right here on this very site. So, hit refresh often to see the latest news from the coaches, players, and the field. And tune in to CK750 for their pre-game at 6:30pm. 5:55pm It’s time to wrap-up the blog for tonight. The Huskies are taking the field in a few minutes for their final warm-ups. It’s going to be a great game, so we hope to see you here. Check back after the game for our wrap-up. We should have some photos up at halftime too. And, as always, we will be tweeting the scores. Thanks! 5:45pm Coach | Full Article

Hey everyone… we will be blogging as best we can up until 6:30 PST or 7:30 in Saskatoon. We do not have wifi access at Thunderbird stadium, so please excuse any typos as we aren’t sure if we will be using computers or iPhones to update the blog. Refresh the screen or check back often for the latest. 6:15PST Well, we are going to wrap things up now… battery is running low. For in game updates, follow us on twitter. We will be back after the game and all day tomorrow with post-game reaction. Go Huskies! 6:10PST The Huskies have taken the field for warm-ups. Huskies running back Alex Balogun | Full Article

We will be live blogging from now until about 6:20. At 6:30 the CK750 pre-game show hits the airwaves and we will turn it over to them. We should update this blog every few minutes, so keep hitting refresh to get the latest news. 5:55pm Well, we have to shut down a bit early today so we can prepare for the game. The are still some seats left, probably a few hundred. They just printed 600 standing room tickets to start, but they can print more if needed. There are a lot of people arriving and it looks like a great night for football. Follow our tweets for gameday updates | Full Article

We will be live blogging from the stadium until 6:30 when the CK750 pre-game show hits the airwaves. Please hit refresh or check back every few minutes for updates. Stay tuned! 6:18 pm Coach Towriss has just addressed the Coach’s Club. He explained a couple plays from last week’s win over Calgary and went through what to expect today. That’s it from the live blog. See you at the game! 5:58 pm Coach Towriss is out on the field getting a sense of the condition. He’ll soon be heading over to the tent giving the rundown for members of the Coach’s Club. 5:52 pm The stadium is starting to fill | Full Article

Just a quick note that we will be live-blogging from Griffiths Stadium starting around 4:00pm today. We may have some updates before then, so keep checking back. Dallas will be by with his game preview soon and we will have our 3 Downs segment sometime early this afternoon. If you have any questions for the coaches or players, post below and we will try to answer them in the live blog. The Huskies host Western tonight at 7:00 in a big national non-conference game. Tickets on sale at the stadium box office, the PAC or by calling 966-1111.