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It was a surprise announcement that saw many tears of joy shed. It was a convergence of circumstances that made for one of the most memorable moments in the history of Huskie football and the Canadian Football League draft. At the twelfth annual Dogs’ Breakfast earlier today, Saskatchewan Roughriders’ President Jim Hopson announced that they are selecting Saskatchewan Huskie offensive lineman Ben Heenan first overall in CFL Canadian draft. It was not a surprise that the Roughriders would take the hometown kid, but to make the announcement at the Dogs’ Breakfast in front of 2000 Huskie fans made the selection extra special for both Heenan and the Huskies. “It was | Full Article

With final exams nearing completion, Huskie football players, like all university students, have a lot on their minds. Not only are they cramming for good marks, but many are looking for summer jobs, finalizing their plans to return home for the summer, and preparing for spring camp. The pressures of being a student athlete will be taking on an added dimension for a select group of Huskies: those eligible for the CFL Canadian Draft. These players, especially those who attended one of the evaluation camps in March, have the next step in the back of their minds. They will spend the next few weeks and months wondering if they did | Full Article

Analyst Duane Forde of TSN, a former CFL and CIS fullback, has come out with his top five picks at each position for the 2010 CFL draft. At defensive back, Forde has ranked fifth-year Huskie cornerback Jon Krahenbil number four. “At every level of football he has played,” says Forde, “Krahenbil has proven to be a top performer with a knack for making big plays. He was an All-Canadian in 2009.” Krahenbil finished the 2009 season with 17.5 tackles, five interceptions and four pass breakups in seven games. He added 7.5 tackles, two pass breakups and an interception in two playoff games. Cornerback Jon Krahenbil returning an interception on October | Full Article