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Four current Huskies and two 2014 recruits will join assistant coach Brian Guebert as part of Team Canada at the 2014 International Federation of American Football (IFAF) U-19 World Championship in Kuwait. Joining Guebert, who will coach defensive line, will be defensive linemen Brayden Twarynski and Garrett Meek, along with receiver Mitch Hillis and offensive lineman Mason Dick. Two future Huskies, defensive lineman Evan Machibroda and defensive back Gabe Simons, who represented Team Saskatchewan at the 2013 Football Canada Cup and Team Canada at the recent U-18 IFAF World Championship, will also make the trip to Kuwait. International competition is nothing new for Saskatchewan Huskie players. Three Huskies made the | Full Article

Tom: Drew Bexson ran hard and was tough to bring down with his five carries, and Jarvis James scored his first CIS TD with an exciting 68 yard scamper. The two promising freshmen can deservedly share young gun recognition. Dallas: I have to go with Jarvis James, who showed he has progressed and is ready for more playing time with that 68 yard rushing touchdown in the fourth quarter. He was patient, read the line, and when a hole developed to the right he took full advantage and showed his excellent speed on the way to the endzone. I think Drew Bexon, who had some great runs late in the | Full Article

Dog Whisperer: Travoy Martinez looked more comfortable in the defense now and is a sure tackler. He also plays important and emerging roles in the return game. He is progressing nicely and looks ready to start making big plays. Dallas: I’m going with Travoy Martinez, who had some decent kick returns plus a good day at corner, with five tackles. Ryan: Travoy Martinez appears to have a bright future in the CIS. He is an electrifying kick returner and has become a shut-down corner on defense. He deserves mention as our young gun.

Dog Whisperer: Brayden Twarynski deserves a starting spot on the D-line with Hart out,! He has earned a spot with his tenaciousness and speed! I know he is only 17 but this kid HAS GAME!!!! Dallas: Again, I have to go with Brayden Twarynski. It is only a matter of time before he is a starter on the Huksies and an all-star in the Canada West. He is smart and physically mature beyond his age and it was great watching him dominate the veteran interior linemen of the Bisons offensive line. Tom: DT Brayden Twarynski is getting better with each passing week. He stepped in for Zach Hart last night | Full Article

Tom: I’ve already awarded my young guns with the offensive and special teams game balls, but I’ll mention them again: Freshmen Devin Logan, Jarvis James, and Brydon Ozmun all played well, and with hard work and the right attitude I think they’ll all have fine careers. Dog Whisperer: Brydon Ozmun got his first ever start at the CIS level and showed that he is a player. He made difficult catches and showed that we have impact depth at the inside receiver position. Considering the inevitable nerves that come with your first ever start, add onto that the fact that you are a straight out of high school rookie it was | Full Article