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With the CIS season only a few days away, its once again time to bring in the Huskie Outsider resident official, WhiteHat, to discuss some of the off-season rule changes. If you have any questions about CIS rules, please email us at and we will get some answers in a future column. Huskie Outsider: We understand that there are a lot of new rules being put in place to address concussion concerns. Can you elaborate? WhiteHat: In addition to some a number of housekeeping items, concussion concerns are the main impetus for a number of rule changes. All eye shields must now be clear, with no medical exemptions allowed. | Full Article

Lost in the action of last week’s close, hard-fought Huskie win over UBC was the excellent job done by the officiating crew. The game was evenly and not overly officiated, and for the most part the officials were invisible, which is what they aim for. But it wouldn’t be a Huskie game without a few comments and some jeering from the crowd. A few of those situations stuck out, so we thought we would ask our friend and veteran official White Hat, who was on the field for this game, why these penalties were called as they were. Huskie Outsider: There were a couple occaisions where a punt was caught | Full Article

We are back with another season of Officially Speaking. If you have any questions about the calls in a game or rules in general, our resident expert, WhiteHat, will provide us with answers every week. Huskie Outsider: Are there any rule changes that fans should know about? White Hat: The only on-field change is in Rule 1 Section 8 Article 1(H): Any part of a ball carrier, other than his hands or feet, touches the ground, even without contact by an opponent. The ball shall be declared dead AT THE POINT WHERE IT WAS HELD when the ball carrier touched the ground. Exception: The ball is not dead when a | Full Article

We are back with another edition of “Officially Speaking.” Our guy in the trenches, WhiteHat, answers reader questions about CIS football rules. If you have a question, post in the comments below or email us at Calvin from Calgary asks: When the Huskies played in Calgary, it looked like the Dinos sent a player in late one time on defense. What is the rule about illegal substitution? When does the bench know they can not substitute? WhiteHat: When two or more players break the huddle, the two side officials on the line of scrimmage raise their ‘gates’, or arms, which tells the teams that no further substitutions may be made. | Full Article

Our favourite official, WhiteHat, is back for another season of Officially Speaking. WhiteHat will answer your questions about the rules of CIS football. We’ve got three questions to start off with this year. Huskie Outsider: In the fourth quarter of the Western game, it appeared that the Huskies scored a touchdown when the ball broke the plane of the goal line. However, the ball was spotted at the one yard line. What is the CIS rule for the ball breaking the goal line plane? Does the ball have to be in-bounds, or does the plane extend beyond the playing field? WhiteHat: The ball must break the plane of the goal-line | Full Article

The Huskie Outsider’s favourite official is back for another season of helping us understand and interpret the rules. With the Huskies season starting two weeks from tonight against the Western Mustangs, we thought we would check in and see what rule changes will be in store for the 2010 season. At the end of the article, there is a pdf with all of the changes, but we hi-light the major ones here. Huskie Outsider: Every year there a number of rule modifications or clarifications. What’s in store this year? WhiteHat: Most of the rules updates are penalty applications and of a technical variety. The two of most interest for the | Full Article

The University of Saskatchewan Huskies will be hosting a High School Elite Lineman Camp on May 28th & 29th at Griffiths Stadium The camp is geared towards offensive and defensive lineman currently in grades 9, 10 and 11 with a passion to be the best. The clinic goals are to teach the fundamentals for outstanding O & D Line play and provide individual feedback though on field and video analysis. The clinic is coached by Ed Carleton (Huskies Defensive Coordinator), Aaron Moser (Huskies Defensive Line Coach), Travis Serke (Huskies Offensive Line Coach) and Bart Arnold (Huskies Offensive Line and Strength Coach). The camp costs $100 and you can get information | Full Article

Each week we ask an amateur football official, White Hat, to clarify some rules of the game. If you have any questions, please email us and we will ask on your behalf (skhuskies at gmail dot com). Nancy from Saskatoon asks: How do they pick the officiating crews for CanadaWest games. Is it different for playoffs? WhiteHat: The regular season games are usually worked with local crews. However, an exchange involving two local officials, and two traveling officials occurs each year in one game. For the playoffs, they usually bring in 4 officials from neutral cities, which includes the referee and umpire, and three officials from the local association. This | Full Article

Each week, we ask an amateur football official, White Hat, to clarify some rules of the game. If you have any questions, please email us and we will ask on your behalf (skhuskies at gmail dot com) Thomas from Saskatoon: At the Huskies game against UBC last Friday, there was quite a wind. Are there special rules when a punt goes high, but does not travel far in the wind? Should the refs blow the ball dead? White Hat: Officials may blow a punt dead, if it’s short, in the middle of the field, and coming down in a crowd of players. This is done for safety reasons, and is | Full Article

Each week, we ask an amateur football official, White Hat, to clarify some rules of the game. If you have any questions, please email us and we will ask on your behalf (skhuskies at gmail dot com) The Outsider: In the fourth quarter of the Rams game, the Huskies had a good punt return by Travis Gorski. There were two penalties called on the play, one on the Huskies and one on the Rams. The result was that the Huskies retained the ball where Gorski first possessed it. Why were these penalties not offsetting and the kick redone? White Hat: Since the holding call was the first infraction, and occurred | Full Article