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And the Earth Shook…… At least it did in this Prairie town. You may not have felt it on Saturday but it did. There are moments not often recognized when they occur but become obvious years later when fundamental changes occur. Saturday will go down as one of those moments. Saturday was the CFL E-Camp or evaluation combine as it is commonly known. Friday was the NIC or National Invitational Combine which allows the best non-CFL E Camp invitees to also be tested. Huskies DT David Rybinski participated in the NIC. On Saturday 3 Huskie Football players competed in the physical testing portion of the CFL E-Camp and posted numbers | Full Article

Well the Whisperer has his own version of ‘What I’m Watching’ except it is “What I’m watching FOR”. “Big Deal” you might say, if you do, you’ll be missing the big picture. After a few years of missing a trip to a bowl game, and potentially the National Championship by the smallest of margins we might take a moment of pause and look deeper to find the answers. This Spring Camp will tell us a lot! I’ll be looking for two things this Spring Camp: 1.) Character 2.) Fearlessness The 2011 Huskie Football team clearly needs both. It will be a younger and less experienced squad than last year but | Full Article

Sometimes even the Whisperer gets ‘ALL JACKED UP’ and this is one of those weeks. Spring Camp is that transition from a cold long winter, back into Huskie Football Season. I know a lot of the focus this week is around Dog’s Breakfast, a great and terribly important event to introduce recruits and raise money for much needed scholarships, but this week is really all about Spring Camp. This week is when the yoke of Finals is thrown off by the players and they get to introduce the recruits to Huskie Football. The vets will test the ‘wannabes’ and show them the speed and talent required to be a part | Full Article

…… is the two front teeth that Alberta kicked out in the playoffs. Just joking………….NOT! It’s a long list but Santa knows that the Huskie Nation has been very good this year so hopefully we can get our entire list. Add to it if you care to. 1.) A fifth year for Patty Neufeld. I know the CFL is a massive temptation and an opportunity but another year, a special 5th year in Huskie Green (and BLACK) is my wish. I always want what’s best for a player so maybe this is, but I know for sure that it is for the Huskies. 2.) A great recruiting season. After three | Full Article

I finally dragged myself to bed at midnight last night but sleep was elusive. I was busy looping about what happened yesterday at Griffiths Stadium. After four hours of lying there trying to figure things out I realized that there was no answer. Before leaving the stadium I stood there in the silence for a very long time and absorbed the final numbers illuminating the scoreboard. I confess, I was stunned. I confess to wallowing in the moment of defeat, truly unable to understand what had just happened. I watched the Huskie Athletics staff efficiently breaking down the stadium, the signs, the inflatables, all working diligently, no time for pouting,  | Full Article

The Team REDUX Last year around this time I posted the famous speech by the legendary Michigan Coach Bo Schembechler, slightly edited entitled ‘The Team’. I am reposting the speech for all to consider and following it some thoughts on where this year’s Team is and what you and they might want to ponder as the playoffs approach. Its playoff time and as a Huskie player from days gone by, autumn for as long as I can remember has been a time of both incredible thrills and devastating disappointment. “….They can throw out all those great backs, and great quarterbacks, and great defensive players, throughout the country and in this | Full Article

Yesterday was Pets in the Park an event which allows people to bring their pets to the Riverbank Park for one day a year and enjoy one of the greatest places in Saskatoon. The event raises money for three animal welfare groups who work tirelessly in the city to care for animals who face abandonment, abuse, injury and homelessness. It was a proud moment for Huskie Athletics. At Pets in the Park we saw: “Huskies for Huskies” Recently the Saskatchewan SPCA saved 80 some dogs from horrible mistreatment at a ‘puppy mill’ here in Saskatchewan. These dogs had never been socialized and were traumatized in ways that civilized people don’t discuss at cocktail | Full Article

Game Day As fans,  all we can do is support our team. I am certain that The Team is ready. Tomorrow will be a glorious November day with a large crowd but tonight I have one question…..What can we do? It’s really not a question because I know the answer. There is nothing more valuable to a well prepared player, than the vocal support of the crowd. It is, from time-to-time, a frustration that as Saskatchewan people we tend to ‘sit on our hands’. Today cannot be one of those days. We need to raise the level of our game!!!!! If you have, in your home a noisemaker, please bring it! | Full Article

Can West All Star selections are listed in an earlier post and once again we are left to shake our collective heads at a few of the selections. Congratulations to all the All Stars. Sometimes there’s just no justice…..or is there. Rather than discuss the process or the selections I would rather continue the belief that in fact there is justice and it’s there for the taking Saturday afternoon in Saskatoon. The Team is focused on winning. Not individual awards or accolades. There will be no ‘vote’ on Saturday, it will not be left to the judges to decide. Two sets of modern gladiators will strap it on and determine the | Full Article

And So It Goes….. ‘Red’ Sanders the UCLA Bruins Football Coach (not Vince Lombardi) said “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the ONLY thing”. He was obviously talking about playoff football. The excitement of a great playoff victory subsides amazingly fast. The playoffs are an altogether different animal than the regular season. Time is compressed, emotions are heightened and obsession becomes the norm. The Team knows that in six short days they will go to bed full of the same mix of confidence and nervousness that they just vanquished a few hours ago. While I’m certain that everyone will enjoy this evening and a tremendous team performance today, sleep will come fast | Full Article