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As far as heart-breaking losses go, this is just another in a long list of them.  The gut-wrenching feeling that came over 3,900 fans as Golden Bears receiver Riley Richardson made an unbelievable catch to win the game, is not a feeling that is unfamiliar to anyone who was at Griffiths Stadium Saturday afternoon.  Yet, having dealt with so many of these close defeats over the last few years, they don’t seem to get any easier to deal with. Such is life in the world of sport. Only one champion can be crowned as many teams vie for the same prize. Heartbreak is imminent in most years when you have | Full Article

One patron graced itself in the friendly confines of Griffiths Stadium Friday night, waiting if necessary to play a part in the game.  This ‘fan’ often comes around when justice needs to be served, when the scales of fairness are tipping in the wrong direction. Its name is Karma. The highly anticipated 1st place showdown between the U of S Huskies and U of R Rams had some gas lit to its ever-burning fire during a pre-game debacle, resulting in antics we haven’t seen at a college football game in quite some time.  As the Huskies ran onto their home turf and toward their centre field logo, Rams players proceeded | Full Article

With a math and stats degree in his back pocket, Travis Gorski has seen his share of concepts. Student-athletes like him learn formulas and concepts for hours on end until they can’t think straight, and use the football field as an escape from the classroom. But, as the 5”9 165 pound wide receiver out of Medicine Hat High School has found out, football is more than just memorizing x’s and o’s in a playbook. When the cleats step onto the gridiron, the learning has just begun. “You have to understand the system, when the coach puts in a play you’ve got to figure out why they are doing it. You | Full Article

To put it in baseball terms, this was a no-hitter. By leaving QB Laurence Nixon untouched for most of the night, the men in the trenches led by a slew of backups, played a near-flawless game and for the first time this season, have a big fat zero in the sack column to show for their efforts. Much has been made of the injury situation surrounding the team but guys keep stepping up. Darcy Hinds, Ryan Kemp, Brandon Myre and Burton Haig have all gone in and filled the shoes of their predecessors, going about their business while not missing a beat. This really should come as no surprise to | Full Article

We’ve all seen those glorified movie trailers in which an attempt is made to make the movie seem like the next best thing to grace the earth since the automobile.  What we often find out when seeing the real thing is that the movie actually sucks, the hype was nothing like what everyone was gushing about to begin with. After watching the Dinos vs. Huskies trailer put together by Five Stone Films, I was left absolutely pumped about this game. It made me want to get to the stadium early and eagerly anticipate a showdown. Other times that I’ve done this, the game has been an utter disappointment. The Huskies | Full Article

The Huskie Outsider announces that Friday’s game between the U of S Huskies and Calgary Dino’s at 7 pm. is part of “Huskies Outsider Bring A Friend Night.” Know of anyone who has never taken in the excitement of a s football game before?  Let them be a part of Huskies history as we attempt to have the largest crowd ever to take in a Huskies game at Griffiths Stadium. The last game vs. the Manitoba Bison saw roughly 5400 people in attendance.  If all 5400 people brought just ONE friend that hadn’t yet taken in a Huskie game before, we’d be pushing 11,000 fans, well above our goal of | Full Article

Someone forgot to send Manitoba the memo: the bye week, contrary to what they may have been thinking, is next week. This slight mis-communication led Friday night to one team playing with purpose, while the other played as though they were halfway into their thanksgiving siesta. The 64-3 evisceration handed out by the U of S Huskies had such short-lived dramatics, that  late-arriving fans settling into their seats at around 7:30 p.m, were able to leave at 8:30 p.m. with the score out of reach.  Not much longer than a quick study break for all the students who came out. This game was one that odds-makers have nightmares about. Predicting | Full Article

*Sigh* That, dear reader, is the collective exhale that Huskie fans and players let out following their 33-9 victory over the Alberta Golden Bears.  For the last seven days, people all over Huskie nation have felt the pressure of this game.  We’ve known the consequences that would come with another loss.  Lose and you go to a place where most Huskie teams have never been, somewhere near last place with a 1-3 record.  Win and you are right back in the thick of things at 2-2. Players and coaches this week were forced to look deep within themselves to find the root of the problem.  Why was this team not | Full Article

Singapore.  A country home to the 6th highest percentage of foreigners, and for the first part of his life, Dale Furber.  The 6”4 280 lbs Offensive Lineman honed his skills on the gridiron in the Southeast Asian country, a country that never has and probably never will be considered a factory for football players, but for the recently transferred SFU product, it was where he made a start in the game. “I was six years old when I started playing some flag and got into full contact the next year (in Singapore). There’s a Singapore Football League there. I was in a Singapore-American school growing up. I played out there | Full Article

In being a football fan, there are many different kinds of losses we deal with.  There are losses that are heartbreaking to the core.  Take the well-documented 2009 Grey Cup result for example.  One inexcusable mistake lost the Riders a game they had in the bag and sent fans and players alike, into an off season of misery.  Then there are losses that are just plain frustrating, which was last weeks 31-12 loss to the UBC T-Birds.  We knew the Huskies were capable of coming out on top, but an ability to self-destruct and inability to take advantage of opportunities led to a demoralizing defeat.  Finally, there are losses that | Full Article