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Outsider Radio – Huskies 38, Rams 37

Tom and I discuss the Huskies’ come-from-behind victory over the Regina Rams and the playoff game next week against the Calgary Dinos. We also discuss the Rams’ third 0-8 season and their 17 years of CIS mediocrity.


Mitch Hillis hauls in a pass against the Rams (Liam Richards/Electric Umbrella)

4 Responses to “Outsider Radio – Huskies 38, Rams 37”

  1. Dog Pound Fan says:

    Well Huskie fans, they pulled it off and won by the skin of their chinny, chin chin. It was a good effort by the whole team in the end with a first half that provided many doubts that they would be able to come back without a major change in focus.

    What they will have to do next weekend is to continue to play with that controlled aggressiveness for the whole game. Calgary will look to take advantage of the same weakness that they have in the past. Stopping up those holes are imperative.

    In regards to my last post on 4th and 5th year players, this was based on their lack of use when certain players in particular have the strength to perform. Lets not be so quick to make them invisible for two seasons. If the 2nd year QB is performing better then he gets the call and if he struggles lets get the vetran in to settle things down. The caveat goes for the 4th/5th year players who have proven they can do the job. Moving them to supporting roles for a season or two for a first or second year is not right. However It’s all about opinions and the only ones that count are the coaches.

    Lets have the Huskies put their best foot forward and try to stick it to the Dino’s.

  2. Dog watcher says:

    I would agree 100% with you about the 4th and 5th year players.

  3. The Senator says:

    The podcast is working. Thanks!

  4. stan sandomirsky says:

    2 keys in the Hardy Cup – pressure Buckley and don’t allow Timmis big runs; make him work for hard yards.
    Time for Brian to control the D scheme and forget overuse of the Monster D. It only prevents one thing – winning. Let the DBs play more man and show confidence in them. Load the D line against Buckley. Time to get aggressive!!
    Keep Kyle in for 60 minutes.

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