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Three Downs: Must Win In Regina

The Huskies close out their regular season, Friday night, in Regina against the Rams (photo Derek Mortensen for Electric Umbrella)

The Huskies will play their final regular season game on Friday when they visit the Regina Rams. A win over our southern foe will likely result in the Dogs grabbing the final playoff spot, along with the trip to Calgary that accompanies it. We take a look at this must-win game with “Three Downs.”

1st down: What is the key to the game for the Huskies on offence?
Dallas: I think the key will be continuing the dominance through the air, especially since Tyler Chow will not be playing. We have excellent receivers and Kyle Siemens proved he is a CIS-calibre quarterback. If the last game was any indication, we will need to score and score often if we hope to secure a win.

Tom: I differ a little from Dallas here in that I’d like to see a nice balance between the air and ground game. One dimensional teams are seldom consistently successful (just take a look at Regina’s results over the majority of their years in CIS), and if the wind happens to be howling, moving the ball through the air becomes a more difficult challenge.

2nd down: What is the key to the game for the Huskies on defence?
Tom: Given their struggles, particularly in the last two games, expect the Rams to try to pick on the Huskies’ pass defence. I’m anxious to see what the Huskies do here: will they be more aggressive up front and try to get to the QB more often? Will the DB’s be instructed to play a little more aggressively and closer to the line of scrimmage? Will the scheme remain the same with the expectation of better execution? A better performance in this area is not just important, but crucial.

Dallas: The key will be to stop the big play. They gave up several long passes in the last game and have been prone to surrendering the big play all season. Hopefully they are able to tighten up in the secondary, something I think I’ve said five or six times this year already.

3rd down: What is the key to the game for the Huskies on special teams?
Dallas: Don’t turn over the ball on kick returns. The Huskies came close to doing that last week deep in their own territory. As this game could be close, giving the Rams a short field could be all it takes for this game to slip away. They will need to be mistake free if they hope to secure that final playoff spot.

Tom: Similar to Dallas, I think the Huskies need to avoid mistakes more than they need to make big plays; field kick’s cleanly, don’t have returns negated by penalties, and make our field goals.

One Response to “Three Downs: Must Win In Regina”

  1. stan sandomirsky says:

    The key determinant always wins games – win the turnovers. Next – avoid most penalties. But for the Huskies D – significant change in D philosophy in that Monster D (3 man front) guarantees a loss. The scheme has to change in that the key is to pressure the QB. Line up 5 to 8 presnap, run blitzes off the edge or in the middle, use stunts, and play cover zero by the DBs. But I doubt the scheme will change!!!

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