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Three Downs: Huskies Visit Dinos

The Huskies are coming off their best performance of the season, and now they embark on road matchup with the best team in the country. This is the front end of a home and home series with the Calgary Dinos, and we take a look at it with another edition of Three Downs.

1st down: To what do you credit the Huskies’ turnaround in the last 2 games?
Dallas: I think it has to do with the veteran core of the team. Fourth and fifth year players like Drew Burko, Dylan Kemp, Chris Friesen, Mat Leung and Donovan Dale have been through a lot of ups and downs in their careers and it was only a matter of time before they settled down, took the reigns of the team, and corrected the mistakes that cost them the first two games. The team is talented and they know they can beat any team in the league when they are focused and eliminate the unforced errors that cost them the first two games.

Tom: I can’t argue with what you’ve said, as the disappointment from the first two games may have been too much for a young team to bounce back from. From the perspective of the performance of a single player though, I look no further than the turnaround Drew Burko had in weeks 3 and 4. Burko has elevated his play which has led to a very balanced, and therefore much more dangerous, offence.

The Huskies are on the road to face the Calgary Dinos on Saturday afternoon (photo David Stobbe for Electric Umbrella)

2nd down: What is the key matchup to watch in Saturday’s game?
Tom: When our defence is able to win first down and get the Calgary offence behind schedule, it will be the job of our DLine to get some pressure on Dinos’ QB Andrew Buckley and hopefully get the Calgary punt unit onto the field.

Dallas: I think it will be the Huskies’ front seven against the Dinos’ offensive line. If they can plug the holes and maintain their excellent play against the run, they stand a good chance of pulling off the upset. The Dino’s ability to keep defences off balance by being able to hurt teams equally on the ground and through the air has been important to their success. Although they may be just as dangerous as a one-dimensional team, the Huskies will stand a far greater chance of pulling off a victory if they are able to limit the dangerous Calgary rushing attack.

3rd down: What will the Huskies have to do to pull off what would be a monumental upset in Calgary?
Dallas: Play their best game in years. They are huge underdogs going into McMahon Stadium, just as all teams are. If they play a full 60 minutes, eliminate mistakes and play with a physical edge, they will give the Dinos a challenge they haven’t faced since last November.

Tom: The Huskies will need to win the turnover battle and, like Dallas said, come up with their best performance of the last few seasons. It’s a huge challenge, but certainly not out of the question. Go get ‘em Dogs!

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