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Outsider Radio – UBC 41, Huskies 36

In this episode, Tom and I provide an epilogue to the latest Huskie game and preview the final week of the Canada West season.

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Huskie quarterback Kyle Siemens (Liam Richards/Electric Umbrella)

5 Responses to “Outsider Radio – UBC 41, Huskies 36”

  1. The Senator says:

    I don’t see any episodes in the Soundcloud RSS feed.

    • Dallas Carpenter says:

      It may take time for them to appear or perhaps only new episodes will appear. I have checked off the function so they are in the RSS feed – I don’t think there is anything else I can do.

  2. Dog Pound Fan says:

    Great job by Kyle Siemens. It’s about time that they gave him the opportunity to get out there for a full game instead of just a couple of minutes in garbage time. Our QB situation has been a little inconsistent in the past few years and this throws a little more healthy competition out there.

    It was also nice to see Andre Lalonde out there even though that was possibly because it was his last game. We’ve seen Jarvis James and Shane Bucannon and Andre Lalonde before. They can compete out there but have been either put on the sidelines or supporting roles. Fourth & fifth year players who can also run up the yards that have been placed behind a second year players since the last few games of last season. Doesn’t seem right but not our choice.

    Defence at the corners have stunk up the house for several games now. Is it the zone D or the players? Either way it has got to tighten up or it will be a long game against the Rams.

    I’m sure we can all agree that we just want to see the players do well and play to their potential. Some changes may need to happen on and off the field for this to happen. Keep grinding boys! Go Huskies Go!

  3. Disappointed season ticket holder says:

    We are used to seeing a team that competes to the end. This isn’t that team! First and second year players who are not ready for action are taking the place of 5 year veterans. It’s like the coaches have given up for this year. This is not professional football were they do look to the future. CIS players only have a set amount of eligibility and the 4-5 year players have given the program a lot of their time and effort only to be watching from the sidelines as their careers end? Unfortunately this isn’t the CFL and we can’t change coaches mid-season!! The Huskies tale of 2015 is very similar to that of the Riders. A lot of poor decisions.

  4. Disappointed Huskie Fan says:

    Why have some of the better 4/5 year players been moved to back up positions. Shouldn’t “the best 12″ be put out there? I don’t get it! And yes Dog Pound Fan, the corners have stunk up the house! Hopefully this gets thru to the coaches!

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