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Outsider Radio – Dinos 59, Huskies 19

Tom and I discuss the Huskies’ 59-19 loss to the Calgary Dinos.

Mitch Hillis (Liam Richards/Electric Umbrella)

Mitch Hillis (Liam Richards/Electric Umbrella)

4 Responses to “Outsider Radio – Dinos 59, Huskies 19”

  1. Anonymous says:

    It was better when you posted written articles instead of these radio recaps.

    • Dallas Carpenter says:

      Thanks for the comment. Yoy are solidly in the minority on this one. If we didn’t have full time jobs and, in my case, kids, we would post more written content in addition to the podcast.

      Here’s a thought: If you want more written posts on here, volunteer to write some. We’d be happy to have some other contributors join us.

  2. HuskiesRaidersHabs says:

    Someone needs to fire someone. What a disappointing performance. Carleton’s decision to rush 3 primarily and then sit back in a soft zone is a joke. No pressure on Calgary’s qb all night. Defence is all about risk/reward and right now the Huskie D takes no risk and as a result gets no reward. It should come as no surprise to anyone who watches the Dogs that our QB play is way below average. The coaching staffs stubborn decision to stick with him the last 2 years is baffling. Supposedly BT has always had the players he wanted in recruiting. So what is the problem, the coaching staff, scheme, players? It is also obvious that the program needs a reboot but I guess it is easier to live on past glories.

  3. Morton (Mort) Schnerr says:

    Gotta agree there with the previous comment. Risk/reward is a fundamental of the competitive NCCP Coach certification program. (your truly is a level three graduate).

    Not sure if the assistant coaches go through that training but I know that Mr. Towriss does.

    I might add a couple of my PERSONAL thoughts…1. Are the assistant coaches paid and if so – how well are they paid? Money talks and if you pay for quality – you get quality. If they are volunteers then I applaud their help. If they are paid but not payed well – then that’s what you get. 2. Why are Huskie Head coaches hired /fired on the basis of tenure? Does seniority rule or is employment based on merit? I am not aware of any other Can West programs that have coaches based on tenure. Is contract the way to go? Then poor results would not be rewarded and a coach can be released any time. The opposite is a coach on tenure who under delivers without improvement but stays in place. (Similar to a bad prof who keeps working and working but can not be replaced)

    There is a definite staleness and lack of willingness to change in BOTH the football and hockey programs. Both of these head coaches have huge amounts of tenure.

    I have heard from MANY Huskie player families that there is a spirit of nepotism as well in both these programs. Let me be clear – these comments were not ‘sour grapes’ IMHO. Are these programs becoming ‘Old boy’s clubs?’. That is for the University, and the fans to decide. Best Regards.

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