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Three Downs: Huskies Travel to UBC

The Huskies will face the UBC Thunderbirds on Friday night (photo David Stobbe for Electric Umbrella)

The Huskies earned a much needed win over Regina last week, and hope to even their record with a trip to Vancouver to face the TBirds. Dallas and Tom discuss the first 3 weeks of the season, and look ahead to Friday’s game, with another edition of Three Downs.

1st down: What did we learn about the Huskies last Friday night in their win against the Regina Rams?
Dallas: I think we learned that they are a potentially explosive team on offence. When they are firing on all cylinders, they have the weapons to put up some big points. Conversely, I think we learned that they are very tough against the run on defence. Overall, they are a much better team than they showed in the first two games.

Tom: Similarily, I would say we’ve learned that the Dogs have the talent to win several more games this season; unfortunately we also learned that they can get in their own way when most expect that they should have control of a game – we all hope that trend will be behind them now. If so, this can still be  season in which promise is realized.

2nd down: Even with the difficult 1 – 2 start to the season, there are definitely some positives to take away from the season so far; what is one of the positives in your opinion?
Tom: I could mention a number of things, but I think the effective pass rush has been a real positive. The Huskies have registered 11 sacks through 3 weeks – easily tops in Canada West – and have hurried opposing quarterbacks on several throws as well. I think this plays a hand in the number of interceptions by our secondary, which is another statistic in which the Dogs lead the conference.

Dallas: I think the return game on special teams has been a positive, specifically the play of Lance Bashutsky and Yol Piok, who have been tough to stop. I also think the offence has shown flashes of brilliance, being able to hurt teams in the air and on the ground. If they can be consistent, they can be among the best in the country.

3rd down:What is the key matchup in this week’s game against UBC?
Dallas: The Thunderbirds have been giving up an average of 365 passing yards per game. This is a defence the Huskies’ passing attack can take advantage of if they are sharp and on top of their game. Hopefully they will have a healthy Brydon Ozmun back and will get John Trumpy more involved in what is an already good passing game.

Tom: UBC’s pass rush has generated the second most sacks in the conference. The Huskies’ OLine has been very good in protecting the passer; Whichever of these two units wins this matchup will go a long way towards securing victory.

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