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Three Downs: Huskies Hit the Road

The Huskies face their first road test against the Bears on Friday night (photo Derek Mortensen for Electric Umbrell)

The Huskies will play their first road game of the year on Friday night in Edmonton vs. the UofA Bears. The Dogs will try and rebound from their first season-opening defeat since 2002. Dallas and I discuss the game with another edition of Three Downs.

1st down: What is a key to victory for the Huskies on offence?
Dallas: It’s simple. Eliminate (or, at least, severely limit) mistakes. Turnovers cost us the last two games that mattered. Protect the ball and make the throws that are there.

Tom: After what transpired last week, it goes without saying that the Huskies need to do a better job taking care of the ball. I also hope to see the Dogs maintain an effective ground game for 4 quarters.

2nd down: What is a key to victory on defence?
Tom: Continue to pressure the quarterback; the Huskies did a very good job of this last week, and continuing to do this against a fairly inexperienced quarterback might force him into some bad throws that can be picked off.

Dallas: Stop the run. I would rather see the Huskies give up a few more yards passing and force the Bears to become one-dimensional. The Bears have some dangerous, shifty backs like Manitoba and they have similar big play ability. Stopping the run will be one less headache the Huskies will have to deal with in Edmonton.

Third down: What is a key to victory for the Huskies’ special teams?
Dallas: Protecting the punter. The Huskies have not been great in providing the punter with adequate time and protection. You can be sure Alberta will bring the house, so they better be prepared.

Tom: I agree with you, Dallas. I’d also like to see a little more consistency from our punter when that protection is there.

Extra point: Knute Rockne time! What would you say to the Dogs if you could give them a pre-game speech before they take the field on Friday?
Tom: Be physical and hit everything that moves. On every play. Know your job and execute it to your peak ability. On every play.

Dallas: I would tell them there is nobody in this conference that can beat them if they play together. If they do the small things right, make the plays they should make, everything else will be easy. The ceiling is unlimited if they really want it. Now show the CIS how much you want it!

12 Responses to “Three Downs: Huskies Hit the Road”

  1. Mark Wareing says:

    ,how do you spell Huskie defence ?
    s w i s s c h e e s e !!

    • Dog watcher says:

      When there on the field more then they are not…. That is what happens right. The second half NOTHING was done by the offence.

    • Tom says:

      Can’t help but wonder how your Bears spell defence after allowing 80 points and 975 yards offence to Calgary. Can you help us out with that one?

  2. Mark says:

    The expectations surrounding the Huskies have been so high for so long. Since the late 1980s, we’ve enjoyed considerable success.

    But if you look back over the past 8-9 years, you see a string of squandered 4th quarter leads, a loss in our recruiting base, QB controversy (a la Peterson and JGK), etc. I can’t put my finger on it, but there seems to be a different Huskie culture permeating the team than the culture we witnessed during the glory days.

    It’s tough seeing them meander to mediocrity.

    • Dog watcher says:

      Bad play calls and allowing the same mistakes to continue over and over again without consequences. Wanting to only rely on a few players as oppose to allowing other talent on the TEAM proving that they too can do just as good of a job. working on the depth chart and not putting all your eggs in one basket. It is disheartening on some many levels. Hoping for some changes all around.

  3. 77JONE says:

    It looks like the recruiting from B.C. has dried up. In the past many impact players come from the west coast. Now there is only two players on the list from B.C. and one is a transfer. But that is not an excuse for the QB to miss wide open receivers or dropped balls by those receivers. Or a defence who shuts out the opposition in one half and gives up 38 points in the next half. Looks like this Friday is the toilet bowl game!

  4. Todays Star Phoenix sure hit the nail on the head regarding the multitude of embarrassing collapses. It maybe wasn’t meant that way but seemed that BT kind threw the receivers under the bus. A few years ago there was an article featuring Blake Nill and he talked about his defensive philosophy. He said he was a pressure guy. If he couldn’t get pressure with 5 he sent 6, if no pressure with 6 send 7 etc. Compare that with our defensive co-ordinator who said in the past that “we run a simple defense”. No blitzing unless it’s in the red zone. Our offense seems to need some retooling. There seems to be little sense in running any kind of read option plays if our QB never takes the ball himself. Maybe he can’t run, maybe he’s been instructed to never run. The last “running” QB Brett Thompson took us to the Vanier. Not saying we will go again simply by having a QB that can run but it would sure have another element that opposing defenses would have to account for.

  5. 77JONE says:

    On defence where are the big hitters. Guys like Trent Bagnall who would layout receivers. Or linebackers who were feared for their physical play. It seems we are waiting for the play to unfold then react to it. Mostly by chasing opponents who have gotten behind us.

  6. I agree with Dog watcher. Our defense was a rock wall in the first half. Not switching out defensive players and those same 12 playing all the time with most of them on special teams as well – they were out of gas. Offense left 4 TDs on the field in the first half and our passing was off. Adjustments need to be made when things aren’t working.

  7. Derik says:

    Why is the defense not using Simons more? The current Safety spends more time looking for direction from sideline when you have a proven Safety like Simons.

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