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Week Two of Training Camp Underway

Mitch Hillis with his first of two touchdown receptions on Friday (photo Derek Mortensen for Electric Umbrella)

The Huskies returned to a windy practice field on Monday for their first workout since Friday’s decisive win over the Wilfred Laurier Golden Hawks. After practice, Coach Brian Towriss spoke briefly with Huskie Outsider.

BT was asked what message he had for the players following Friday’s victory. “We did a lot of good things,” he explained. “We still have a lot of work to do though. It was evident that we hadn’t spent much time on special teams in the first week of practice. I think we had 3 gaffs: two botched kickoffs, tried to field a punt when we shouldn’t have and didn’t field another when we should have. We have to work on those situations, such as if you’re standing on the five yard line and it’s over your head, let it go into the end zone – all those kind of things we need to spend time on.” But overall, Coach was pleased. “We were pretty good. At times I thought the intensity was good, but we just have to execute better on special teams.”

Sean Stenger had a fairly good night, particularly with placekicking, in his debut as the Huskies’ new starting kicker, but overall special teams play was a sore spot for the Huskies on Friday (photo Derek Mortensen for Electric Umbrella)

As mentioned above, it was windy out on the field this morning, similar to Friday’s game. Towriss was asked if it’s sometimes beneficial to have these tricky conditions in practice, particularly for practicing special teams. “Yes, for sure,” came his reply. “Looking ahead, we may practice some short kicks into the wind this afternoon, whether it is scripted or not, because if the wind stays up it’s a great opportunity to do those things.”

With camp extended this year from two weeks to three, BT was asked was changes, structurally, will occur in week two compared to last week. “We’re going to have a bit more contact in the next two days, and then back off until Alberta comes here (for a joint practice on Friday). We haven’t had much contact yet. The mornings are situational times in which we can get our install in for the afternoon. We’re going to do a lot of 10 yard line and in stuff this week, and 5 yard line coming out; we want to cover a lot of game-like situations that we didn’t get to cover in the first week.”

It is not until the end of next week that the Huskies open their Canada West season, but with no game this week, Towriss was asked if the team will get an early start on preparations for their game against Manitoba. “For the most part that waits until next week. The coaches are going to do some work this week for sure, but for the players you can overdo it if you start to work on specific things too much.”

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