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Huskies hold joint practice with Golden Hawks

Huskie left tackle, Evan Johnson, wins a 1 on 1 battle with a Laurier defensive end

The Dogs took to the field for a joint practice with the Wilfred Laurier Golden Hawks this afternoon. The practice consisted of 1 on 1 battles between the various position groups. It was a short practice of roughly a half hour, likely due to the non-conference game between these two teams on Friday night. The Huskies performed well and Huskie Outsider will have a detailed recap of it in an all new edition of Outsider Radio that will be posted in the next couple of hours.

Following the practice, we caught up with Coach Towriss to get his impression of the joint practice and talk a little about tomorrow night’s game. BT began by letting Huskie Outsider know that he cautioned his players about taking tomorrow’s game for granted based on today’s practice performance. “I just reminded our guys that they (Laurier) have been up since about four this morning and were on a plane where they probably got a couple more hours of sleep. They probably feel like we felt yesterday afternoon. They’ve got some good players, but it went well for us. We got out of it exactly what we wanted; we have a bit of an idea about their relative speed and who we’re going to see. Both teams were also very classy in how they handled it.”

Coach Towriss’s reference to yesterday afternoon’s practice was probably a good reminder for the Huskies that they need to be mentally sharp every time they come onto the field, which they weren’t for that session. “We kind of hit the wall yesterday,” BT explained. “That was our fourth day of 2-a-days and that happens, but you have to push through it. You can stay mentally focused even when your legs don’t move, and that’s what we talked about. They didn’t have a lot left in the tank, but that doesn’t mean that you turn your brains off. We addressed it, and we said that we didn’t want to have to address it again.”

Injuries were a non-factor for the first four days of camp, but a few starters were sidelined yesterday afternoon; all but one (John Trumpy) were back in uniform today. Starting cornerback Taylor Rehn had to exit today’s joint practice. “Nothing is serious at all. Taylor rolled his ankle in the 1 on 1′s today and he may not play tomorrow, but other than that we’re pretty healthy.”

Attention now turns to tomorrow’s game. Coach explained how he will utilize and manage reps for his first and second units. “We’re going the whole first half with the first guys, and we’re probably going to get 50 deep, but it will never be an entire second unit on the field.”

The soon-to-be-posted episode of Outsider Radio will also include brief interviews with offensive line coach Travis Serke, defensive tackle Brayden Twarynski, and the Huskies’ new starting kicker, Sean Stenger.

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