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BT gives impressions of spring camp

Tom interviews Head Coach Brian Towriss about his impressions of camp so far and what we can expect during tomorrow’s Spring Scrimmage.

Offensive lineman Evan Johnson and defensive end Preston McIntyre

2 Responses to “BT gives impressions of spring camp”

  1. Tom Semeschuk says:

    I can’t believe this website!!!
    I want to find out the date for the start of the Huskies football training camp this August 2015.
    I cannot find in on this website.
    Instead I get news about the 2014 traniing camp and 2014 schedule!!! Some 2013 articles!!!
    WHO CARES???
    What about 2015 camp???

    • Dallas Carpenter says:

      Hi Tom,

      I assure you, as soon as we know it will be posted. As we volunteer our time to update and add content on the website, it may not get done quickly, especially if we’re busy with our regular jobs and with our families. We also rely on Huskie Athletics or the football coaches for information like this, and we have yet to be able to connect with either.

      Football camp is likely to begin on or around Friday, August 14. Thanks for visiting.

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