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Three Downs: Huskies at UBC

photo Liam Richards for Electric Umbrella

The Dogs have locked up second place in the conference regardless of Saturday’s outcome, but a win on Saturday would maintain some momentum heading into the post season. Outside of the Huskies and Dinos’ playoff positions, everything is up in the air going into the final weekend of the regular season. Huskie Outsider is back to take a look at the playoff picture and Saturday’s game with another edition of “Three Downs.”

1st down: In your opinion, what has been the most interesting story in CanWest this season?

Dallas: For me, it’s the close finish in the last week. Usually, at least one team has been eliminated by now. We have four teams who could finish anywhere from third to sixth. This will be a very interesting weekend of football ahead.

Tom: I couldn’t agree with Dallas more. For the first time ever, I’m as interested in following the other two games in the conference as much as I’ll be paying attention to the Huskies/TBirds game.

2nd down: Who do you think nails down the final two playoff spots?

Tom: In hindsight, I wish I hadn’t posed this question in the first place as there are so many possibilities. One thing I’m fairly confident about is Regina beating Alberta; that will get them to 3-5 and I think they’ll get in. I’ve given up trying to figure out all the tie breaking scenarios, so I’ll just pick Manitoba for the other spot for no other reason than I think they’re too good of a team to miss the playoffs.

Dallas: I think it will be Alberta and Regina. I don’t see Alberta beating Regina in Regina, nor do I think Manitoba will beat Calgary. The Huskies and UBC game will be very close, as I don’t think the Huskies will play their key starters too long, but I still think they will do enough to win. In this situation, Alberta will finish third and will be heading back to Saskatoon next Friday to face the Huskies.

3rd down: What is the key matchup to watch between the Huskies and UBC?

Dallas: The Huskies’ front seven will be challenged by the UBC ground game. Although UBC’s rushing attack has not been as potent as the past couple years, they are still dangerous and always seem to rack up the yards on the Huskies. Hopefully the Huskie defensive line and linebackers will be up to the task on Saturday.

Tom: I think the Huskies are going to focus on stopping a solid UBC rushing attack and force the TBirds to beat us through the air; this turns the key matchup into UBC’s passing game vs. the Huskie secondary.

3 Responses to “Three Downs: Huskies at UBC”

  1. Riders66890713 says:

    After painstakingly going through the playoff scenarios, I believe that Manitoba has already clinched a playoff spot. Even if they lose to Calgary, they’re still guaranteed no worse than 4th. The Bisons own the tiebreaker against both UBC and Regina.

    The only shot UBC has to make the playoffs is a Manitoba WIN plus a Regina WIN plus a UBC WIN. In addition, they need Regina to win by no more than 19 points.

    Should be an interesting weekend.

  2. Riders66890713 says:

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I forgot that Alberta owns the tiebreaker over Manitoba.

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