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Three Downs: Post Camp

The Huskies are excited to be moving on from training camp to the 2014 conference season (photo Liam Richards for Electric Umbrella)

As the Huskies begin preparation for their season-opener against Manitoba, Huskie Outsider takes a look back at training camp.

1st down: What is one thing that you learned about the 2014 Huskies during training camp?

Dallas: I learned, or rather confirmed, that the Huskies are improved over last season. They are more athletic and have made changes to their playbook that will take their opposition by surprise. Some of the previews have foolishly said the Huskies are rebuilding – they have truly reloaded. Let’s hope the coaches make the most of it.

Tom: I learned that BT is ready and excited to lead this team into the 2014 season; it’s been great watching him take such an active role in the offence but still maintain a careful eye on the defence. And on Monday evening I watched him have a talk with the field goal unit that impressed upon every player the importance of special teams to the success of this program in 2014.

2nd down: What was a pleasant surprise from camp?

Tom: Kieran Johnson, a receiver from Evan Hardy, was a redshirt in 2013 and he came into camp and played well from start to finish. He also ended camp on a high note with a touchdown reception in the Green and White scrimmage. He is an inexperienced member of a deep unit of receivers, but I suspect that he’s going to see the field in some capacity this season.

Kieran Johnson

Dallas: My pleasant surprise was the play of Caleb Eidsvik. The third-year defensive tackle showed he is in great shape and is ready for playing time. At the very least, he gives the team great depth, but I think he will have a bigger role and will be a part of the regular d-line rotation.

3rd down: Make a statistical prediction for the 2014 season.

Dallas: I predict the Huskies will lead the Canada West in rushing yards and, as a team, will put up over 2200 yards this season.

Tom: The Huskies were last in the conference in total offence last season, with 431 yards per game; barring a lot of nasty weather games they’ll average above 500 yards this season.

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