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Mid-camp update on the offence

Huskie wide receiver, Julan Lynch (photo Liam Richards for Electric Umbrella)

The Huskies endured miserable weather conditions for their two Sunday practices. Because of the conditions, BT cut the afternoon practice short by 15 minutes. The Dogs have completed six practices now, and Towriss and Coach Mike Harrington gave Huskie Outsider a quick update on the offence.

“We’re progressing,” BT commented. “We’ve gotten lots of stuff in and you see your usual mistakes, but we’ve had some big plays. I’m pleased with the way the quarterbacks have played and I’m pleased with the way we’re picking things up. Today we saw a ton of blitzing and we’re not really preparing for that yet, but we’ll put some stuff in for that.”

“We had too many dropped balls this morning with this weather, and we’ve got to learn to play through that,” remarked Coach Harrington about the offence’s performance, “but I think overall we’re doing pretty well. We got lots in during the spring, and we’ve had to make a few changes on our play call names and things like that.”

During the last couple of practices, the offence has started to break off some nice gains along the ground. The ground attack is something that Huskie fans are hoping to see take a step forward this season. “We’ve been getting a lot of nothing, nothing, and then 20 yards kind of thing,” noted Coach Towriss. That’s okay, but we’re also starting to get lots of 5 yard gains. I’m quite pleased with what we’re doing from an offensive line perspective; we’ve got a lot of different options in, and we’ll probably start to narrow things down a little bit.”

Coach Harrington is also the receivers coach, and he is partnered with Garrett Burgess who joins the coaching staff after a solid five year career as a Huskie wide receiver. Harrington was asked about the progress of a receiving corps that is replacing three veterans who have graduated. “We’re getting there; we still make a few mistakes and they still have a ways to go, but we’re coming along. Kit (Hillis) has moved to the ‘w’ spot and he’s got some things to work on, but he’s picking things up and I think he’ll do well there.” Harrington noted a couple of receivers who are having a good camp . “We’re impressed with Kieran Johnson. He’s very fast and is doing a lot of good things. Another inside receiver who is doing well is John Trumpy.”

With the graduation of Burgess, Mitch Stevens, and Jeff Moore, the opportunity is now there for receivers like Julan Lynch and Brydon Ozmun to earn starting roles and become more of a fixture on the offence. Lynch is looking forward to the opportunity. “It’s really exciting,” he stated. “I can’t wait to see what the season brings for us. They’ve got me at wideout this year, which I like; I played there in high school.” He likes the direction that the receiver unit is heading. “Camp has been good. We’re putting in some new plays right now and we’re working on some new stuff. I think things are starting to come together nicely, and we’ve had some strong recruits join our team this year as well.”

Coach Harrington was asked about the unit as a whole, now that it will be younger than last season. “I think our young talent is pretty good, and we’ve added Yol Piok out of high school and he’s doing really well. I think we’re as talented as we were last year, but perhaps not quite as fast.”

4 Responses to “Mid-camp update on the offence”

  1. huskyfan says:

    Great articles on the Huskies keep up the good work. Question: Why is not Arko and Lambert back. I heard Bonaca is playing for Edmonton in Prairie Junior Football Conference. Was it academics??

    • HuskieNation says:

      Lambert never fully recovered from the injury he sustained to his foot when we played the u of a and left after the first semester was done. I was told that he is now going to the u of a, and not participating in football, just focusing on school. Bonaca is playing In the CJFL for Edmonton huskies, and as for Arkko, still no information.

  2. Bob Fraser says:

    Been watching camp all week… All I can say is that if Burko goes down we are in HUGE trouble

  3. Mr. C says:

    If you don’t train the summer there you’re moved down the depth chart !

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