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Spring camp: receiver update

In his first spring camp, John Trumpy showed that he will be an important addition to the Huskies’ receiving corps

Coach Jason Sulz spoke briefly with Huskie Outsider, on Saturday afternoon, about his talented group of receivers. “The group is doing well. Unfortunately Kit (Hillis) and Graham (Unruh) got nicked; they’re two guys that we’re looking to for some production this year and I really wanted to give them some more reps, but that’s the breaks of camp I guess” (Kit Hillis was able to rejoin camp for the scrimmage).

Yol Piok and Brett Enns are two of the Dogs’ new recruits at receiver. “They’re both picking things up right away,” Sulz noted. “They’re not getting a ton of reps right now, but they’ll get a lot in scrimmage tomorrow. They have a good grasp of what we’re doing.”

Even though the Huskies graduated a lot of receivers following last season, there is still a pretty deep group returning. “I still think we have a strong 8 or 9 guys to go into the season with. Brydon Ozmun and Julan Lynch are ready to go. Mitch Hillis is unbelievable; he’s going to be a big play guy for us. John Trumpy (who joins the Huskies from the Hilltops) is a welcome addition; he’s a tough guy who runs great routes, gets great releases and gets down the field.”

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    Will there be an update on the offensive line?

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