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Spring Camp: post-Friday report

Day 2 of the Huskies’ spring camp is in the books, and Huskie Outsider caught up with coach Brian Towriss as the team was leaving the field. “Camp has been pretty good; we throw a lot at them which is especially challenging for the young guys. When the first unit is in things look good, but especially when you get to the second and third unit on the offensive line it starts to be a struggle. But we’re seeing some good things for sure.”

Spring camp 2014 (Liam Richards/Electric Umbrella)

If you’ve ever had the chance to watch spring camp, one of the first things you notice is that there is so much going on, with so many players, that you’ll certainly miss some players who are turning in strong performances. BT was asked to help us out by identifying a couple of players who’ve had a good start to the camp. “A couple of the receivers have looked pretty good. OLinemen Matt Leung and Brad Nehring have been very good so far, and you would hope that those two would be. And Geoff Hughes has been awesome at linebacker. Our good players have been good, and now we have to correct mistakes and keep getting better.”

One of the things this blogger enjoys about spring camp is trying to identify players who were redshirts during previous seasons and are now showing signs of earning a roster spot. Wide receiver Steve Boryski is one such player who seems to be making a case for himself so far during camp. “Steve is getting better all the time,” came Coach Towriss’s reply when asked about Boryski. “Right now he’s running great routes and getting open – he’s just got to finish a little better. That just might require a little confidence along with the effort to keep working at it.” With receivers Jeff Moore, Mitch Stevens, Garrett Burgess, and Charlie Power exhausting their eligibility and/or moving on to the CFL, there are lots of opportunities for Boryski, among others, to earn themselves a roster spot this fall. “Steve’s been around for a while, and he’s close,” BT continued about Boryski’s chances this season. “He’s in a battle with 3 or 4 guys for the top two wideout spots, along with who is going to travel.” Outsider Dallas has already commented, in a previous article, that Brydon Ozmun, Julan Lynch, and Liam Howe are poised to really make some waves in the Huskies’ receiving corps in 2014. We’ll continue to keep a close eye on them throughout camp.

Linebacker is a position where the Huskies’ depth could fairly be considered as thin due largely to inexperience at the position. “We knew that this was on the horizon, and we went after some recruits,” BT commented.  ”One recruit, Kristian Domingo from Vancouver College, was here yesterday, went home today, and will be back tomorrow. He had to go home for a grad function, but he’s showing good commitment by flying home and then flying right back tomorrow. Unfortunately we lost a veteran (Mark Smith) to injury during special teams drills today, and we didn’t need that. But we’ve also got 3 pretty good players (Richard Zacharius, Dane Bishop, and Brad Kotania) that will be ready to go in the fall who just aren’t ready right now.” Another possibility at linebacker is Zach Krebs. Krebs is a camp attendee from Hamilton who has experience both at running back and linebacker. He has looked promising at tailback during the first two days of camp; now the coaches want to see what he can do at linebacker, which is the position he will be suiting up for tomorrow.

Even though the 2014 season is still months away, and the coaching staff is just starting to get a look at their new recruiting class, Huskie Outsider was curious as to how many of the new Huskies might find themselves on the roster in this fall, without taking a redshirt year. “Right now I’m seeing a several that will have that opportunity; obviously the guys that were Hilltop kids, and Tyler Chow, among others, are looking pretty good.”

On Saturday you’ll hear from some of the other Huskie coaches for updates on their position groups. We’ll also be speaking with some of the Huskie players, and Outsider Dallas and myself hope to debut a new segment later in the day as well.

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