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Three Downs: Huskies vs. Dinos

BLACKOUT (photo by Derek Mortensen for Electric Umbrella)

1st Down: What are your thoughts/reactions to last week’s victory at UBC?

Tom: I really liked how the defence performed in the red zone – I thought it was the single biggest contributor to the win. Being able to run out the clock by moving the sticks a few times on their last possession was also encouraging. The receivers also had another strong game. There were, however, a couple of things that were a little concerning. Our passing attack didn’t seem to find any rhythm until well into the second half – that won’t lead the Dogs to success vs. the Dinos on Friday. Also, the Huskies drove deep into UBC territory early in the game and came away without any points after the drive stalled and a relatively short field goal was missed – that was a real momentum killer.

Dog Whisperer: Under tough conditions for football (which I LOVE, Domes are for baseball), the Huskies D found their stride. The team has yet to find its groove and fire on all cylinders, but this weekend would be a good time. UBC is a decent team who has played tough so hopefully the Huskies and Coaches can bring their “A” game this week and take the lessons from last week and apply them to deliver a 60 minute effort on Friday night.

Dallas: Considering the conditions, I thought they performed well. While I would have liked to see the ground game hit the second gear, the offence still moved the ball when it had to and, most importantly, didn’t do anything to hurt the team. And I agree with Tom about the play of the defence – they were very strong, especially in the red zone. Considering they were missing three regulars from their top seven and a starting cornerback, they put together an excellent game.

2nd Down: What will the Huskies have to do differently to be more successful in their second game vs. the Dinos this season?

Dog Whisperer: The offense needs to play physical so that the run game is a factor and they need to finish drives with TD’s or else it will be a long night. For the defense, if they can contain Timmis and PRESSURE Buckley I think they can win this game.

Dallas: Finish drives with points and protect the ball. This will probably be a close game, so the Huskies need to eliminate turnovers and impose their will on the Dinos defence. The Dinos had a good plan last time that severely limited the Huskie ground game. This time, I think the Huskies will have more success on offence and create some problems for the Dinos on defence.

Tom: Looking back at the first meeting between these two teams, the Huskies will have to do a lot of things better, among them: taking care of the ball, finishing drives with touchdowns, establish the running game, don’t lose containment and let the QB escape with his legs, and be sharp on special teams. I’d like to see a little more variety in the passing game as well, rather than relying too heavily on out patterns.

3rd Down: What is the key matchup for this game?

Dallas: I think it is the Dinos’ running backs agianst the Huskies’ front seven. The Huskies did a good job in the last game, limiting Mercer Timmis to 123 yards. This might sound like a lot, but when you consider he saw the ball 23 times, it’s pretty good, especially on the road. With Zach Hart back in the middle and Dane Bishop possibly coming back, I think the Huskies will once again be tough to run on. They might even have a wrinkle or two up their sleeve that will keep the Dinos offence guessing all night.

Tom: Our running backs vs. the Dino front 7. The Huskie RB’s were held below 4 yards per carry back in week 3 – it often put them in 2nd and long situations which make it difficult to sustain long drives. If Dexter and Shane can be given some holes to run through, and have a little more success on the ground, the path to victory will be much easier.

Dog Whisperer: There are a couple. The Offensive line needs to step up and dominate a young but quickly improving Calgary D-Line! If the Huskie O-Line can play more physical and dominate it bodes well for a victory. On the Defensive side of the ball, I think that PRESSURE is everything. If Buckley has to rush his decisions and our DB’s can step up and be playmakers Clagary is in for a tough night. If forced to depend on the rush, I like our front 7′s chances.

3 Responses to “Three Downs: Huskies vs. Dinos”

  1. HuskieRaidersHabs says:

    Saw a show last night on shaw cable about the CIS. The analysts, Billy Greene and Jim Mullin are the two names I remember, were previewing tonights Huskie-Dino game. Billy Greene said the Huskie coaches have to give Burko more “tools” to work with. Mullins’ opinion was that the Huskies need to shake it up on O and D. Both Mullin and Greene also thought that Drew Burko needed to take another step in his development. He like many posters here said the Huskies were to predictable, that opposing teams really had no difficulty in preparing for them. Personally I like Blake Nill’s attitude towards defense. He was asked how he liked his teams to play D and he said he was a pressure guy. If he couldn’t get pressure with 4, he would bring 5 and if no pressure then he would bring 6 etc.

  2. EqMgr says:

    Don’t lose contain on D, because that is where Timmis got a lot of yards last game. And O the mirror image that they need to run more stretch outside the tackles to get the Dino’s out of their run blitzes

    I have confidence, the Dogs need to as well!

  3. dave says:

    We started strong then got nothing going. The defense was heroic but if you look at the stats Calgary still managed 28 first downs and almost 600 yards in offense. We got beat by a team that has one 5th year guy (Dobko). Calgary is younger and still beat us. Calgary did not play Harty, Stevens and their rookie defensive back (Woodson), so like Saskatchewan they have injuries. Remember Buckley was not their starting quarterback. Why did not coaches give Tarasoff a chance as Burko did little in second half.? If we loose to Manitoba we are on the road for playoffs.

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