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Game story: Dinos 24, Huskies 12

The Saskatchewan Huskies defence is far better than the nearly 600 yards that they surrendered on Friday night indicates.

When you’re on the field for two-thirds of the second half, giving up some yardage, and ultimately some points, is inevitable.

Mercer Timmis escapes from a Ron Mwamba tackle (photo by Liam Richards for Electric Umbrella)

The Calgary Dinos rolled to another victory over the Huskies, improving their record to 6-0 and locking up first place for the third year in a row. The Huskies dropped to 4-2 and now have to fight the hungry Manitoba Bisons for second place and the opportunity for a home playoff game, which would be the first for the Huskies since 2010.

After driving from their 45 on their second possession of the game, capped off with a Charlie Power touchdown, the Huskies looked to be in control of the game. The defence held the Dinos to 41 yards in the first quarter and set the offence up with excellent field position, thanks to a Mark Ingram interception. However, the Huskies were unable to capitalize thanks to a blocked field goal and the score remained at 7-0 after one quarter.

The Huskies’ defensive line played an excellent game (photo by Derek Mortensen for Electric Umbrella)

Thanks to a Tom Spolentini interception in Huskie territory, the Dinos were able to put up a chip-shot field goal early in the second quarter. The Huskies answered back two possessions later, ending a good drive with a Denton Kolodzinski 42-yard field goal. After blocking a Kolodzinski punt on the Saskatchewan 17, the defence held the Dinos to a field goal. A blocked field goal late in the half ended up in a rouge for the Huskies, making the score 11-6 at the half.

The Dinos couldn’t get much going in the first half against a tough Huskie defence, but they started to roll in the third quarter. The Dinos put up 418 yards of offence in the second half, scoring their first touchdown of the game five minutes in, with Andrew Buckley finding Chris Dobko from 19 yards out. The Dinos would add to their lead with a 34-yard field goal and rouge late in the quarter, up 17-12 heading into the final frame.

The Huskies could do little on offence in the second half, putting up a total of seven first downs and 164 yards of offence, 71 of those on their final drive of the fourth quarter. By then, it was too little, too late, as the exhausted defence had given up an 80-yard rushing touchdown to Mercer Timmis with 2:45 left. The final drive ended as most had, with passes falling short or being off the mark, causing a turnover on downs.

Safety Mark Ingram returns an interception (photo by Derek Mortensen for Electric Umbrella)

Poor execution, especially in the passing game, haunted the Huskies all night. When they ran the ball or were completing passes, the Dinos were largely prepared for it, limiting the damage with their young, fast defence. The Huskies were outscored 18-1 in the second half, adding to the second-half woes that have plagued them all season. In the third and fourth quarters this season, the Huskies have been outscored 108-63.

The Dinos showed exactly why so many remain confident in them. In spite of replacing 16 of 24 starters and playing several first and second-year players, they are better prepared and attract difference-making, superior athletes like Timmis, ensuring their success. They have now stretched their winning streak to five over the Huskies, including two at Griffiths.

The bye-week couldn’t come at a better time for the banged-up Huskies. They need to regroup and reevaluate so they are ready to take on the Bisons, who will give them all they can handle on October 18.

6 Responses to “Game story: Dinos 24, Huskies 12”

  1. HuskiesRaidersHabs says:

    Really for me 1 play said it all. The Dinos were on their 9 or 10 yard line with 3rd and 1. No hesitation Blake Nill went for it. Does anyone associated with the Huskies or who has followed them think that BT would have made the same call? I didn’t think so. Also I thought this game that Burko took a step back in his development. Janke did too much east-west running compared to that bull Calgary has. Again our DB’s are either incapable or not allowed to play any kind of press coverage. In the first quarter I thought we might go for it on 3rd down as we had the momentum and our D was dominating. Why not take a shot? At least pretend that you have confidence in the O. On a positive note I thought Suetter and Hart had great games. Not thier fault they were on the field the entire second half.

  2. Muzz says:

    BT has got to get involved in the defence or find someone other than Carleton. They will not win with his (Carleton) defence. How many 4th quarter loses does it take ? His time to go has come.

    • Eskimo says:

      Carleton has been barely adequate for the last decade. Just be thankful our D actually tries to adjust to things now. It was brutal watching offenses run around and complete pass after pass on a D that just stood there like a bunch of statues. Thankfully coach Halseth has the secondary moving with different formations.

    • Fan says:

      You are Crazy, heading into that game the Huskies were #1 defence against the run and #1 defence against the pass. They forced an INT, a fumble and blocked a punt that resulted in a turnover on downs in Dinos territory. Poor execution on the offensive side of the ball and offensive turnovers caused the huskies the game. They could have won by 20 had they executed properly.

  3. dave says:

    Defense was not the issue Friday night. Check out the time of possession. Sask. forced Calgary into turnovers (one in endzone), made Timmis fumble, etc. They gave our offense numerous chances in the first quarter to put this game away. Saskatchewan has a veteran team compared to Calgary. Dobko was their ony fifth year starter Friday night. Dallas correctly mentioned 18 new starters for Calgary compared to Saskatchewan who are loaded with players who are older and more experienced. Like him or not Nill recruiting focusses on high school players and develops them. He rarely takes players that have 1-2 years left of CIS football. As a previous writer said Burko did not have it so why not Tarassoff given a couple series so Burko could see the game? Both teams had injured players not playing Arkko, Bryska, Hughes, Moore for Huskies and Calgary did not have Hardy, Dzelewksi, their two top rookies from High School, Woodson and some offensive lineman who started earlier in the year.

  4. huskiepride says:

    Love the effective use of the bye-week, nothing like full contact drills on a recovery week. While other schools allow their players to heal up we decide to injure ours further. Its not 1991 anymore, hire an exercise physiologist and listen to them, they will help keep your team healthy. Toughness is not the issue its the lack of effective coaching.

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