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Spring Camp Report – May 4

Coach Aaron Moser speaks with the defensive line during spring camp (photo Derek Mortensen for Electric Umbrella)

The Huskies hit the field for two practices on Saturday, their last practice before Sunday’s spring scrimmage. You could tell that fatigue was starting to set in, as players started to get nicked up in the latter half of the afternoon session. Huskie Outsider made a few observations of today’s workouts, and also spoke briefly with several coaches for their assessment as well.

-Coach Towriss had praise for Liam Howe’s effort today. The slotback, and former UBC TBird, is a big bodied receiver who is working hard for his opportunity to see the field this fall.
-O-Lineman Josh Butcher earned thunderous praise from his unit for a tremendous block in drills vs. the D-Line.
-Travoy Martinez continues to show that he has the potential to develop into a top, if not the top, cornerback in the CIS. He made several plays in skeleton and scrimmage this morning, including a near interception following which he immediately dropped to the turf to do some pushups.
-The defence has allowed very little on the ground in camp so far, but Brandon Stewart broke off a long run in the morning scrimmage – the only long rush I recall seeing today. Stewart is a smooth, quick runner who is dangerous in the open field.
-Two other running backs who just completed their first season, Jarvis James and Drew Bexson, have also looked good in camp. Outsider Dallas pointed out that he has noticed a lot of development in James, Bexson, and Stewart since last spring.
-Halfback Tyler Robson recorded an interception for the second straight day.
-We’re seeing great depth at slotback, and expect to see a lot of competition for starting roles this fall.
-Sean Stenger earned praise for his field goal kicking in yesterday’s practice report, and looked good at the start of this afternoon’s practice before struggling and missing 3 attempts at the close of the day.

Receivers coach, Jason Sulz has seen improvement with his group since Thursday’s first practice. “We throw a lot at the guys on the first day or two,” he explained. “Some of it’s new so even the veteran guys are thinking a little bit.”

Coach Sulz has the added benefit of having Nathan Hoffart assist him with coaching the receivers this weekend. Hoffart, a former Huskie and Saskatchewan Roughrider, is back on the field at Griffiths Stadium for the first time since his playing days. “It’s been too long, I think. I’m a resident of Regina now; that’s my home town so the trips up here become fewer and far between. I was happy to come up here and try to contribute something.” Hoffart now works for SaskEnergy in the “energy efficiency program,” but still remains involved with football at the local level. ” I’m coaching football at Miller High School – this will be my second season upcoming. It’s been great and I’m excited about it.” Hoffart offered his take on the current Huskie receivers. “It’s a good group with a lot of depth, size, and guys who can make plays. There is a variety of players across the board – I think Coach Schneider (the Huskies’ offensive coordinator) will have a lot of options with the offence, with the flexibility to move guys around.” Being a former pro, and first round draft pick of the Roughriders, Huskie Outsider asked Hoffart if he sees CFL potential among the unit that he’s working with this weekend. “Absolutely. There are some guys with real good size and athleticism, which is a great foundation to start with. You polish your skills and get better as a football player, but you can’t teach the size and length that some of these guys have.”

-Defensive line coach, Aaron Moser is pretty happy with the effort level that he is seeing from his unit, but sees a need to improve focus. “We had about 4 offsides in the first 20 minutes this morning,” he stated, “and we can’t have that.”

“Levi Steinhauer snaps bullets back,” is what special teams coordinator, Brian Guebert stated about one member of his unit, before praising another: “Denton Kolodzinski is punting and kicking real well right now. We’ve got two other young kickers, Sean Stenger and Lance Villmaire, who have real live legs and just need to develop some consistency.”

We’ll have more from Coaches Guebert, Moser, and Sulz, as well as other members of the coaching staff, following the end of spring camp.

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