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Young fan interviews his favourite Huskie

Travoy and Shaan, following a recent Huskie practice

As attendance has grown at Huskie football games in recent years, one thing observers have noticed is an increase in the number of youth in the stands. When you talk to these young Dog fans, they mention the excting atmosphere on game day as one reason why they enjoy Friday nights at Griffiths Stadium. A second reason is how friendly and approachable the players are with members of the local community. Take the example of Shaan, a student at Brunskill Elementary School. Shaan attends Huskie games with his father and sister. He recently expressed an interest in meeting and interviewing his favourite Huskie player, Travoy Martinez. Martinez, the standout rookie cornerback, was eager to meet Shaan. “I like that kid,” Travoy told me a few days after being interviewed by Shaan. This was evident when Martinez spent time with him along the sidelines, during practice, and then gave the young fan his pair of Huskie gloves at the end of the interview. Huskie Outsider would like to thank Shaan for contributing this interview to our site.

Shaan: Where did you grow up?
Travoy: Dallas, Texas.
Shaan: Who is your favourite football player?
Travoy: Deion Sanders (Martinez has the same nickname as Sanders – “Prime Time”).
Shaan: How did you find Saskatchewan?
Travoy: I sent some emails and talked to some coaches.
Shaan: What program are you in at the University of Saskatchewan?
Travoy: Arts and Science.
Shaan: Do you want to go pro in football?
Travoy: Yes, I hope so.
Shaan: Do you want your football career to take you to the CFL or NFL?
Travoy: It doesn’t matter. I’ll be happy wherever I go.
Shaan: Do you prefer three downs or four downs?
Travoy: Four downs.

Shaan became an instant fan of Travoy’s after watching him play in the “Support Our Troops” game. Martinez is pictured making one of his two interceptions from that game (photo Liam Richards for Electric Umbrella)

After Shaan finished interviewing Travoy, Huskie Outsider spoke with him about his favourite Huskie, and his experience at the practice. “Travoy is my favourite Huskie because he reminds me of Tyron Brackenridge of the Roughriders.” Shaan was then asked what he thought of this experience. “It was fun. I enjoyed being on the sidelines, watching the players in their scrimmage, and seeing how they work the different plays.”

Thanks, again, to Shaan for contributing to Huskie Outsider. You can join him and several thousand other Huskie fans at Friday’s “Blackout” Game vs. the Manitoba Bisons.

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  1. stanthefan says:

    Good job, Tom/ And you too Shaan. Hopefully in the near future we will see 12,000 attending Huskies Friday Night Football, and it all starts by developing that interest and incentive in the youth.

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