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Unsung Heroes: Huskies at Bears wrap-up

Mitch Friesen quietly had a good game against Alberta (Photo: Derek Mortensen for Electric Umbrella)

Dallas: Once again, I have to go with the offensive line. They didn’t allow a sack this week and gave some decent running lanes.
Dog Whisperer: Mitch Friesen played perhaps his best game of the season. He broke on the ball better and anticipated throws better this game. If Mitch can keep playing this brand of football then opposing wideouts and QB’s will have their hands full.
Ryan: I am going to go with the defensive line. The Huskies held Alberta to under 80 yards rushing, which is a big improvement over the past few weeks. A good performance by the D-line opens things up for the coaches to do some things in the backfield and this will be critical heading into the playoffs.

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