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Unsung Hero: Huskies vs T-Birds wrap-up

The Huskies celebrate their third victory in a row heading in to the playoffs (Photo: Steve Hiscock for Electric Umbrella)

Tom: I’m going with all of the Huskies who are in their final year of eligibility: Corbin Eskelson, Mitch Friesen, Bryce McCall, Braeden George, and David Rybinski are all a huge part of the three game winning streak that the Huskies are on. These guys lead by example;  I encourage Huskie fans to bundle up and get out to a practice this week and see David lead the team through warmups – it’s a sight to behold!
Dallas: The 3340 fans who showed up on a frigid night, and especially the 2000 or so of us who stuck around until the end, are the unsung heroes last night. I wish there were a few thousand more of us out there.
Ryan: Tom, your point about watching Rybinski lead the team in warm-up is a good one. There are often a few dozen fans at practice, and its too bad more people haven’t seen Rybinski in action. I think that he represents the spirit of the unsung hero as has much more impact on the games than the PA system would let you know. So, my Unsung Hero is Rybinski (with a shoutout to the fans; it wasn’t that cold!!).

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