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Unsung Hero: Huskies vs Bisons wrap-up

Charlie Power was one of the Unsung Heros vs the Bisons on Friday night (Derek Mortensen for Electric Umbrella)

Tom: There’s a lot of possibilities here, but I’m going to single out Jarvis James. Manitoba’s Anthony Coombs restored a 9 point lead for the Bisons, late in the game, with a long touchdown run. It was a real momentum killer, but then J.J. got the momentum back for the Huskies with a great return on the ensuing kickoff.
Dog Whisperer: Charlie Power who just does whatever it takes to make us successful. If we can get the ball to him more often we will be a better team and win more games! PLEASE READ THIS Huskie Coaches!!!!!
Dallas: I will go with the offensive line, as usual. They absolutely deserve it, though, as they gave Chase plenty of time to throw the ball and opened big holes for Shane and Jeremy.
Ryan: This is a tough one as there were a lot of contributors in this game. The return of Luke Thiel and Travoy Martinez made the defensive backfield better. Both of them also helped tremendously in the return game. Garrett Burgess had 12 receptions in his first game of the season. But, to be an unsung hero, you have to fly under-the-radar and I think it was the offensive line who did that on Friday night. Great pass protection and huge holes allowed the Huskies offense to run 98 plays (a typical night is about 60 plays). That number is astounding and it all starts up front with the hogs.

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