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Three Downs: Huskies vs. TBirds

The Outsider crew is back with a look ahead to tonight’s game with UBC, where fans will welcome the 5th year players onto the field for their last regular season game.

1st down: What is one thing you expect to see from the offence?

Dallas: I expect to see a dominant performance. When the Huskies are firing on all cylinders, they are nearly impossible to stop. They are playing the fourth ranked defence in terms of yards surrendered, with 468 yards per game given up along with an average of 35 points per game. With a healthy set of receivers, healthy quarterbacks, and a few healthy running backs at their disposal, the Huskies should put up some big numbers.

Ryan: It will be interesting to see how much playing time Drew Burko gets. He is now cleared to play medically, but needs to get some reps and timing down. Chase Bradshaw has guided the team to a two game winning streak, which has helped secure a playoff berth. I epect to see the offence put up a lot of points but run the ball more than normal as the temperature cools.

Tom: The passing game has led the way for the Huskie offence this season, and I don’t see cold temperatures changing that. I expect to see Drew and Chase each play for about a half, and I hope to see them spread the ball around to all of the receivers…especially to a certain slotback who is in his 5th year.

2nd down: What is one thing that you expect to see from the defence?

Ryan: The defence is going to be physical. UBC quarterback Billy Greene will be playing the last game of his CIS career as the T-Birds are out of the playoffs. The Huskies are going to out-hit UBC and make the game a long one for the T-Birds’ OLine.

Tom: The Huskie defence had a tough time stopping the run in the first meeting between these two teams, and I expect the front seven to have a much better game this time around. I want to add that while there has been talk that UBC QB, Billy Greene may miss this game, due to injury, I hope that he is able to play. Greene has been an outstanding player in CanWest, and I’d hate to see him miss his final game even though it makes the Huskies’ job harder.

Dallas: I think that the defence will have another good game and will give up less than 20 points. They are facing a good offence, with or without Billy Greene, that is dangerous on the ground and through the air. However, I think the Huskies will be tough, especially in the red zone, and will force a few turnovers.

3rd down: Make a statistical prediction regarding one or more of the 5th year players, as they are getting ready for what is likely their last home game.

Tom: Braeden George will add to his good season with a touchdown reception tonight.

Dallas: I think Bryce McCall will have at least five tackles, David Rybinski will have a tackle for a loss, and Braeden George will have three catches for at least 50 yards.

Ryan: David Rybinski will have a sack and a tackle for a loss. I expect all of the fifth year players to have a great game.

*Program alert: Ryan and Dallas will host another episode of “Outsider TV,” this evening at 5:45. Several guests have been lined up and we hope that you’ll be able to catch the show.


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