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Three downs: Huskies at Bears wrap-up

Shane Buchanan had another strong game on the ground against Alberta. (Photo: Derek Mortensen for Electric Umbrella)

First Down: Who deserves your game ball on offense?

Dallas: Shane Buchanan gets my gameball. He had 76 all purpose yards, ran hard to the line, and had a receiving touchdown. He gives the Huskies a multi-dimensional threat out of the backfield who runs hard, as we’ve seen with many of the best running backs in the past. I’m much more confident about our post-season prospects with him in the backfield.
Ryan: Kit Hillis had another nice game with seven receptions. But I am going to go with Dallas’ pick in Shane Buchanan. Buchanan had another strong outing on the ground which opens up another dimension for the offense. The Huskies won the last two games  by building on strong running game which bodes well for the cooler weather expected for the playoffs.
Dog Whisperer: I will defy the obvious choice and go with Charlie Power who was effective blocking and receiving this game. Power is a weapon in the passing game and needs to be a bigger part of the Huskie offense for it to become more potent. We need more production from our inside receivers and Charlie showed in this game that he is ready and willing to fill that need.

Second Down: Who deserves your game ball on defense? 

Dog Whisperer: Huge props to the D-Line for dominating the under-experienced Alberta O-Line all day long but I’m going with Corbin Eskelson who was flying around the field and his INT and sack were only a piece of what he added to the defensive effort on this windy and cool afternoon. Honorable mention to Steinhauer and Seutter for great games.
Dallas: I agree with the Dog Whisperer. Corbin Eskelson gets better each game. He led the team in tackles, had an interception and a sack. A deserving recipient of the defensive game ball.
Ryan: I am on the same page as both of you. Corbin Eskelson had a good game and really stood out on the playing field and in the stat sheet.

Denton Kolodzinski receives a game ball for his kicking performance at Alberta (Photo: Dererk Mortensen for Electric Umbrella)

Third Down: Who deserves your game ball on special teams?
Dog Whisperer:
Denton did an admirable job handing both PK and punting in very windy conditions. We converted the short field goals and positioned the ball well punting often pinning AB deep by kicking it out of bounds and eliminating the opportunity for a return. The conditions were challenging but Denton did a good job.
Dallas: Nobody stood out in these groups, but there were no mistakes, either. One guy who performs well every week is Levi Steinhauer, who is a tremendous long snapper. I’ll give my game ball to Levi.
Ryan: This one was tough for me, as there was no real standout performance. I like Dallas‘ thoughts on Steinhauer though as it is rare that you mention a long snapper unless a mistake is made. So, Levi, you get my special teams game ball.

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