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To watch the OutsiderTV live pre-game webcast, click here: Outsider TV Live Pre-game Show. The show begins at 5:45 Saskatoon time (7:45 EST). The stream will begin around 5:30 and you should see video and hear music around then. We will post the archive of the show after the game.

On tonight’s OutsiderTV Pre-game show, there will be a live interview with Huskies Head Coach Brian Towriss, an interview with Bisons Head Coach Brian Dobie, interviews with some Huskies players, news and notes from around the CanadaWest and more. OutsiderTV is hosted by Ryan, with Dallas and Tom doing the analysis. Curtis and Aaron are behind the scenes. Special thanks to the Concorde Group for sponsoring OutsiderTV.

OutsiderTV goes from 5:45 to 6:15 Saskatoon time.

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