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OLine’s aggressive play a big boost to Huskie offence

The Huskie OLine played a huge role in winning the “Blackout Game” (photo Derek Mortenson for Electric Umbrella)

Last night, the Huskie offensive line delivered what was probably their signature performance, so far, of the 2012 season. When an offence is able to rack up over 600 yards, it’s a sure sign that the offensive playmakers are getting a lot of support from the five men up front. “They made a world of difference,” QB Chase Bradshaw said of the OLine. “I felt comfortable back there the whole game because of the protection they gave me.” Following the game, Huskie Outsider wanted to speak with as many members of this unit as possible. We caught up with the right half of the line: C Brad Nehring, RG Lane Bryksa, and RT Mike Fuller.

“We went out there and had fun,” commented Brad Nehring. “We were aggressive with their DLine, and as the game wore on their desire to play seemed to drop, which helped us a lot.”

Chase Bradshaw readies for a snap from Centre, Brad Nehring (photo Derek Mortenson for Electric Umbrella)

“We worked all week on getting off the ball fast, getting on guys, and making some holes,” Mike Fuller stated. The holes that the line opened helped RB Shane Buchanan turn in a stellar performance, with 144 yards on 13 carries. “Shane read the holes great, did his job, and made us look good too.”

Lane Bryksa was quick to praise the OLine’s two coaches, Travis Serke and Bart Arnold. “The coaches do a really good job of keeping us focused on one play at a time. No matter what the score is, our objective remains the same: keep the quarterback clean and keep driving the ball. We were able to stick to that tonight.” Bryksa went on to discuss the cohesiveness of the unit. “We’re a real tight-knit group; we hang out a lot together. We’re a bunch of good friends now. Being new to the team this year, I have to thank the guys for the way they’ve welcomed me. That cohesion is helping us with knowing what each other is doing on the field.”

Fuller agreed with Lane about the positive atmosphere among the OLinemen, adding that “It shows up on the field when guys enjoy hanging out together. We play together, and each of us trusts the guys beside him.”

Nehring talked about the momentum swing in the fourth quarter, and the size of the crowd which dropped significantly over the last 10 minutes of the game. “You see the people leaving and you just say to yourself that it’s going to suck for them when they see the paper tomorrow and read that the Huskies won. I haven’t played in a game as wild as this since high school.”

There’s more to come from Huskie Outsider, this weekend. Among other members of the Huskies, RB Shane Buchanan will share some comments about the game. We’ll also be handing out our game balls tomorrow. Also, we’d like to mention that plans are underway for another episode of Outsider TV, prior to the road game against the UofA, where we’ll have a chance to recap the roller coaster game against the Bisons, and preview the game against the Bears.

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