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Young guns: Huskies vs Rams wrap-up

Tom: I’ve already awarded my young guns with the offensive and special teams game balls, but I’ll mention them again: Freshmen Devin Logan, Jarvis James, and Brydon Ozmun all played well, and with hard work and the right attitude I think they’ll all have fine careers.

Brydon Ozmun had his first career CIS start in Friday night’s game against the Regina Rams (Photo: Liam Richards for Electric Umbrella)

Dog Whisperer: Brydon Ozmun got his first ever start at the CIS level and showed that he is a player. He made difficult catches and showed that we have impact depth at the inside receiver position. Considering the inevitable nerves that come with your first ever start, add onto that the fact that you are a straight out of high school rookie it was a pretty impressive debut. I’d like to see one kicker next week and one additional receiver so that these young guys can help us work through injuries and get out there and play!
Dallas: Brydon Ozmun didn’t look like a young guy, he looked like a seasoned veteran. He made a key first-down catch early in the fourth quarter, absorbing a big hit and extending a drive that would end in a Kit Hillis touchdown. I think Ozmun earned a full-time starting role with his excellent play against a very good secondary last night.
Ryan: Brydon Ozmun is my Young Gun from the game. I had to do a double take the first time he caught the ball as his game jersey is a different number than his practice jersey. The Burko to Ozmun combo has me excited about this year, and the four years to follow.

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