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Upon Further Review: Huskies vs Rams wrap-up

Dog Whisperer:
- I may be a Whisperer but I was yelling pretty loud during the game for our defense to be more aggressive. I would give up the odd long play to allow our defense to start pinning their ears back and make aggressive plays. Just for the hell of it can we play an attack defense and take the reigns off these guys and see what they can do?

The Huskies are introduced to over 9,000 fans last Friday (Photo: Derek Elvin for Electric Umbrella)

- One more final though, the crowd of 9,033 fans was AWESOME but they need to light a fire under their own butts to make more noise! Hopefully a few fan leaders emerge to direct the fans when to make it LOUD and take advantage of that huge mass of humanity to help our team when we are on defense.

- This team showed a lot of fight when they fell behind by 23 points and that is something they have to be proud of. Although their comeback fell short, it is good to see that they can adjust and fight back. I think their fourth quarter will be something they will look to in their preparation for Calgary.
- I have heard and read a lot of comments about defensive formations and calls costing the Huskies rushing yards and leaving receivers wide open. I think that special teams miscues and undisciplined penalties had more to do with the Huskies fortunes last night, but it does seem like the defence plays much better with four down lineman than three. I trust the defensive coaches will make the changes necessary to ensure the vaunted Calgary offence is kept in check next weekend.
- I still think next week’s game in Calgary is winnable. The Dinos are very good, but not unbeatable. If any team is going to pull off an upset, it’s the University of Saskatchewan Huskies.

- The 9,033 fans were great, but like Dog Whisperer, we all need to make more noise. I found it ironic that when the Rams bench complained about the music not stopping as the Rams went to the line, the crowd got louder. If you weren’t there, the Rams complained to the official. The official turned on his mic and asked the event staff to turn off the music before the Rams got to the line. That made the crowd as loud as it has ever been in park.
- I should also point out, that this game had one of the best atmosphere I have seen at the CIS level. The kids in togas are always great. Big Tommy and the Huskies Orchestra were back. You couldn’t find a square foot to stand on. All in all, it was a great game to watch.
- The Huskies were in this game until halftime. They had a bad third quarter, but fought back and made it close in the end. I like that attitude. The Huskies are a young team and their offense is full of young guys. They are going to be a force to reckon with in the next few years. I am really excited about the prospects of this team as the season continues and the years progress.

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  1. Keith says:

    There were times the defence were waiting for a signal as to what to run on defence.The coaches weren’t sending plays.

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