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Upon further review: Huskies at Bisons

We are a few days late with our final thoughts on the Huskies loss at the Bisons last week. Toddler Outsider was keeping us busy.

The Huskies had Sunday and Monday off while the coaches prepared the game plan for UBC. They practice three times this week with a walk-through in Saskatoon Friday morning before flying out to Vancouver. Kick-off at UBC is Saturday at 3:07 Saskatoon time.

The Huskies take the field for the final time at University Stadium in Winnipeg (Photo: Liam Richards for Electric Umbrella)

Here are some final thoughts on the last game:

- The defense and special teams have to tighten up to eliminate the big play.
- The offensive line was generally good and seemed to get better as the game went on. They allowed the Manitoba pass rush through early, giving up three sacks, but didn’t allow any sacks in the second half.
- The holding and UR penalties have to stop. They came at especially bad times and one ended up stopping a key drive late in the game.
- There were many positives to take from this game in all three areas of the game. The Huskies will have to take away lessons and move on, looking to get better every game and peak at the right time (and that time is November).
- The coaches choice to dress two kickers in the game was a good one. It is always a tough call to do that on the road with only a 40 man roster, but with the windy conditions, the Huskies kicking game was as good as it could be. The coaches will have to make another tough call this week when the team is on the road at UBC.
- The University Stadium field was in the best condition in years. It’s ironic that the Bisons will be moving to their new stadium next year and the grounds crew has finally figured out how to keep the grass in tact. The new stadium looks great on the outside.
- The Huskies front seven is good. Really good.
- I saw some clips from the Dinos/Bears game. The Dinos reported over 5,000 people in the stands. Unless everyone was in the washroom at the same time, there was nowhere close to that. If the CIS wants to be taken seriously, it is time that some standards were put in place that will help the league market themselves better. One of them, is to report an accurate attendance. The same can be said for Western, where they reported 9,000 fans and most people at the game said there were less than 4,000. The Huskies use electronic ticketing and report, to a person, how many tickets were sold. That is the proper way to do it. Let’s get real and not look bush-league.

- Our defense can’t continue to give up a few big passing plays each game; it really hurt us this week.

Dog Whisperer:
- Simply put, too many blown coverages. Our DB’s need to know their assignments and execute them. That might be too blunt for some but seriously, it hurt us on Saturday and will again if it cannot be fixed.
- Secondly, we need to stop taking stupid and needless penalties. The players that made those lack of discipline mistakes will hear about them from the Coaches but it is getting a little tiring to see that lack of discipline hurting the entire team. This is a team game, not a personal one gentlemen and when you take a dumb penalty because you lack discipline you hurt the team. If we do not fix that we will be doomed by the lowest common denominator.

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