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Unsung Hero: Huskies vs Bears edition

After each game, we throw out a game ball to a player who made a big contribution, but didn’t have his name mentioned many times on the PA system.

Charlie Power had one reception against Alberta, but also had a big presence on special teams, making three tackles (Photo: Liam Richards for Electric Umbrella)

Tom: Jeremy Andrew sat out all of 2011 with an injury. The Huskie’s rushing attack was probably the biggest question mark entering Friday’s game, and Andrew impressed me with his ability to find a hole and hit it hard.
Dallas: I think Denton Kolodzinski had a good game punting the ball. He deserves recognition for that.
Dog Whisperer: Charlie Power. He may have converted from LB to SB, where I might add the Huskies need to find a way to get him more touches but he was a force on coverage teams. These teams seldom get much recognition but they are the difference in field position and Charlie as usual was flying around the field making tackles all night.
Ryan: I can’t believe that we haven’t talked about Dane Bishop so far this weekend. He had six tackles and an impressive start to the campaign. Bishop played in 2010, but sat out last year with an illness. He had a slow start to training camp, but has come on lately. I isolated on him on a few plays and his quickness and toughness really impressed me.

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