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Unsung Hero: Huskies at Bisons wrap-up

Tom: Don’t know if he can be referred to as “unsung,” but Jeremy Andrew had a good game for the Dogs.
Dog Whisperer: I have to give this to Jeff Moore who made one of the headiest, most difficult and athletic plays I have seen in a very long time. Coming untouched on a punt rush he could easily have made a move to block the punt in which case the punter would have been able to evade him, instead, seeing the ball still in the punter’s hands he went directly to him and made a difficult open field tackle to put the Huskies in great scoring position. It was one of the best football plays I have seen in many years. Cheers to Jeff, that was one hell of a football play.

Huskies safety Bryce McCall celebrates his interception (Photo: Derek Mortensen for Electric Umbrella)

Ryan: My unsung hero is Bryce McCall who had an interception against the Bisons. Normally, you would hear Bryce’s name more than we did this game, but with all of the talk about the wind and the exciting finish, we lost sight of the fact that Bryce’s next CIS interception will tie him with the all-time lead in CIS interceptions history.

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