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Three downs: Huskies vs Rams wrap-up

First down: Who deserves the game ball on offense?
Tom: Slotbacks Brydon Ozmun and Charlie Power both had great games. They are big, athletic targets who demonstrated sure hands against Regina. Ozmun, a freshman, looks like a veteran out there.

Receiver Kit Hillis celebrates one of his three touchdowns against Regina (Photo: Liam Richards for Electric Umbrella)

Dog Whisperer: Its hard not again to go with Kit Hillis who had 3 TDs. Big credit to Charlie Power who can be a difference maker if he continues to see the ball.
Dallas: Chase Bradshaw had the unenviable task of coming off the bench to try to lead this team back to victory. He came very close to doing that. He had 204 yards and two touchdowns in just over a half. For that he gets my offensive game ball.
Ryan: There was no dominant performance by any one person on offense. You guys have all mentioned people that I considered for my offensive game ball. But I am going to add Mitch Stevens, who had seven catches for 70 yards. Stevens performs well on the field and is also assuming a bit of a leadership role for the young offense. He quietly had a good game and deserves some Outsider hardware.

Second down: Who deserves the game ball on defense?
Ryan: David Rybinski had a game to remember. His 2.5 sacks don’t tell the whole story as he was constantly in the Rams backfield, forcing quarterback Marc Mueller to throw the ball early and the running backs to change their lanes. It’s sometimes difficult to see what is going on in the trenches, but this game, you could not help but notice Rybber.
Dog Whisperer: I would have given it to David Rybinski outright as he was a dominant force out the but his UR penalty takes that award away as it hurt the team. Rybber will share it this week with Corbin Eskelson who is a space eater inside and a sure tackler with 9.5 tackles. So those two share the award.
Dallas: I’m giving my game ball to David Rybinski, who was in Marc Mueller’s face all night and played all-out on every play, registering two-and-a-half sacks.
Tom: David Rybinski helped provide pressure on the QB and recorded 3 sacks.

Third down: Who deserves the game ball on Special teams?
Tom: Jarvis James and Devin Logan, two more freshmen, provided the Huskies with good field position on their three combined kickoff returns.

Punter Denton Kolodzinski gets out-kicked his Rams rival (Photo: Liam Richards for Electric Umbrella)

Dallas: Once again, I’m giving the game ball to Denton Kolodzinski. He had a tremendous game, out-punting Chris Bodnar with a 45 yard average to Bodnar’s 40.7. Through four games, Denton sits second to Manitoba’s Brendon Bowman with a 43.1 yard average, 0.7 yards shy of Bowman’s average. He has been a pleasant surprise through the first half of the season.
Ryan: A few years ago, the Special Teams game ball seemed to go to Grant Shaw every week. Now, it looks like Denton Kolodzinski will get the same treatment. Dallas and The Dog Whisperer have some good points on why Denton should get the game ball, so not much more to be said here.
Dog Whisperer: Once again I will point out the excellent job being done by Kolodzinski in the punting game. He out kicked Bodnar and places the ball significantly better than last year. The icing on the cake for me was his willingness to be a football player and make physical tackles when coverage breaks down!

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