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Three Downs: Huskies at Dinos

The Huskies have been preparing all week for a trip to Calgary and a matchup with the undefeated Dinos. Huskie Outsider is back with a few thoughts about tomorrow’s game.

Huskie Outsider is hoping for a strong performance from the defence tomorrow night (photo Liam Richards for Electric Umbrella)

1st down: What is one thing you will be paying particular attention to in this game?

Dallas: I’ll be paying specific attention to the run defence of the Huskies. I expected this to be the greatest strength of the team, and over the past two games, it has been their greatest weakness. They will be put to the test against the likes of Steven Lumbala and Eric Dzwilewski. I hope to see an effort similar to the one we saw in Manitoba.

Ryan: I will be watching the offensive line to see what kind of push they get against the Dinos’ front four. The Huskies will have to be able to run the ball to help quarterback Chase Bradshaw gain some confidence.

Dog Whisperer: In particular, I will be watching to see if we can limit gains on second down. I do believe that we can limit the Calgary running game so controlling their offence will come down to how well we can defend the pass. Calgary has potent receivers and even though he has not needed to much this year, their QB is a dangerous runner so second downs wil determine the outcome of this game.

Tom: I’m in full agreement with the Dog Whisperer here – last week the Huskies continually had Regina’s offence in 2nd and long situations but couldn’t get off the field. I’ll also add that the Dogs need to be much sharper on special teams this week, following an uncharacteristically poor game with punt returns, and missing a couple of short field goals. There will be no room for those kind of mistakes tomorrow.

2nd down: What will make the Huskies the toughest challenge that the Dinos have faced this season?

Ryan: The Huskies and Dinos have had some very physical games in the past few years. I expect that to continue tomorrow. The Dinos will face a physical, resilient team who will be eager to show that they belong amongst the elite.

Dog Whisperer: I think the Huskies “refuse to fold” attitude will serve the team very well this weekend. The Huskies will play tough, hard nosed, and determined football, as they always do against Calgary. We will score and Chase will be better this week with more reps in practice, and the O will click. But we cannot be expected to score 40 to win. I think that the resilience is perhaps what Calgary has not seen yet and they surely will when they face the Huskies. Calgary are talking a mighty big game right now, in the media, and if we cannot go in there and give them a wake up call, no one in Canada West can.

Tom: The Huskies have talent on both sides of the ball, and on special teams. They haven’t turned in a complete performance, in all 3 phases, yet this season. They’ll need that type of effort against Calgary, and if they get it, they’ll be a very tough test.

Dallas: If the Huskies go into this game angry and ready to inflict some punishment (without taking dumb UR penalties like they did last game), it will make it very tough on the Dinos. When the Huskies play a physical, in-your-face brand of football, it wears teams down and causes mistakes. If they play this way and pull away from their conservative tendencies, it will make things difficult on the Dinos.

3rd down: Make a statistical prediction for this game:

Dog Whisperer: Since I cannot get credit for my “UBC will turn the ball over 3 times” and DID! (1 Int, 1 Fumble and 1 turnover on downs) I will make only one prediction for this game…..I will be over .08 by the end of the game! Seriously, I expect us to score 27 points, out punt Calgary, and will hold Calgary to 140 yards in rushing.

Tom: LOL! All right, I’ve already gone back to our results post, from earlier this week, and credited you with 1 more correct prediction. But I’m going to insist on a blood sample at the end of the fourth quarter tomorrow before I give you credit for your first prediction for this week! I’ve got two predictions: 1) This will be anybody’s game at the start of the fourth quarter…let’s hope that the Dogs have it in them pull off the upset. 2) The Dogs will hold the Dinos to their fewest yards gained, thus far, this season.

Dallas: I predict one interception and two sacks by the defence.

Ryan: The Huskies will rush for over 100 yards and score at least three touchdowns.

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