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Three downs: Huskies at Bisons wrap-up

Who deserves the game ball on offense?
Dallas: I liked the way Burko played, although I thought the running game was a little more impressive. I’m giving my game ball to Jeremy Andrew, who rushed for 113 yards and one touchdown.
Tom: Drew Burko played well in his first CIS road game. Hopefully he keeps improving as the season continues. Game ball for Drew.

Drew Burko had a nice game, earning the nod for the offensive game ball (Photo: Derek Mortensen for Electric Umbrella)

Ryan: I have to go with Drew Burko as well. For his second CIS start, he played a good game and managed the team very well. The conditions were near impossible in Winnipeg with that wind, but Burko did enough to put the Huskies in a position to win.
Dog Whisperer: It is very hard to argue that Drew Burko doesn’t deserve the game ball. Hillis has 11 catches and Andrew ran with authority but Da-Rooh (apparently that’s his nickname) is the glue (pardon the rhyme) and we have a winner in this young man. So, Game ball to Drew, he has things to learn, like throwing the ball away when near the sidelines instead of taking negative plays and the pump fake to get D-linemen off their feet but considering his youth, the guy has serious game.

Who deserves the game ball on defense?
Dog Whisperer: I have to say it out loud, Our Front Seven are the best in the conference. The pass rush was not great this game but they were shut-down against the run and certainly put enough pressure on the QB to warrant a huge shout out. Last week the DB’s got some love but the game is won and lost in the trenches and Joel Seutter and Zach Hart share my game ball.

The Huskies front seven held the Bisons to 60 yards on the ground (Photo: Liam Richards for Electric Umbrella)

Tom: Game ball to the entire front 7 for absolutely stonewalling Manitoba’s vaunted rushing attack.
Dallas: I’m with Tom. The front seven, which had David Craig-Penner making his first CIS start at rover, was exceptional.
Ryan: Four for four here. The front seven held the Bisons to 60 yards rushing after they had over 250 yards the week before. It is hard to single out a player as they all contributed, but it all starts on the line up the middle where Zach Hart and David Rybinski kept the Bisons in check.

Who deserves the game ball on special teams?
Ryan: I have to give my game ball to Jeff Moore. Although the Bison’s were a man short on his tackle of the punter, Moore needed to get in quickly to make a play like that. I can not recall ever seeing a punter, who is trying to punt get tackled like that. Great play Jeff!

Denton Kolodzinski punted well into a hurricane-force wind (Photo: Derek Mortensen for Electric Umbrella)

Tom: Denton Kolodzinski punted well, both with and into the wind. For good measure, he also ran for a first down on a fake punt.
Dallas: I’m going with Jeff Moore, who had two tackles, including one on Manitoba’s punter which set the Huskies up on the Bison 15 yard line and which led to a touchdown.
Dog Whisperer: Denton Kolodzinski punted the ball magnificently but with and into, the wind. He did everything that could be asked of him in very difficult conditions and placed the ball beautifully.

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