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Statistical predictions: how did we do in week #4?

I was thinking of renaming this post “How poorly did we do in week #4?” It wasn’t a great week for the Outsider crew in the predictions department. Let’s see how we did:

Dog Whisperer predicted that the Huskies would: a) hold the Rams to less than 100 yards rushing, b) force at least 2 turnovers, c) rush for 130 yards, and d) give us a pick 6.
Results: a) The Huskies allowed 129 yards rushing, b) The Rams turned it over once on a fumble, c) The Dogs nearly made Dog Whisperer’s third prediction accurate by gaining 126 yards on the ground, and d) The Huskies did not have a pick 6.

Tom predicted that the Huskies would score at least 30 points.
Result: The Dogs came up 4 points shy, and put 26 on the board.

Ryan predicted that the Rams would make at least 3 mistakes due to crowd noise, and that the Huskies would have at least one rush for over 40 yards.
Result: The first prediction is a little subjective to judge, but I don’t think it came true (feel free to correct me on this one, Ryan). The longest rush the Huskies had was a 15 yard scamper.

Dallas thought that the Huskies would have over 150 yards rushing, and would also return a punt of a TD.
Result: As stated earlier, the Dogs rushed for 126 yards. Uncharacteristically, the Huskies had a tough night in the punt return department and didn’t have any long returns, let alone a touchdown.

Through 4 weeks, Huskie Outsider is now a humbling 8/31 with our statistical predictions. Individually, the results look like this:
Ryan: 3/8 (.375)
Dallas: 2/8 (.250)
Tom: 1/5 (.200)
Dog Whisperer: 3/11 (.273)

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