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Statistical predictions: how did we do in week #3?

Numerous predictions were made, by the Outsider crew, prior to Saturday’s 39 – 34 victory over UBC. Let’s review the predictions and see how the guys did:

Dog Whisperer predicted that the Huskies would have a TD scored by either the defence or special teams. He went on to predict that the Dogs would rush for 150 yards and pass for 300. He wrapped things up by speculating that UBC would turn the ball over 3 times.

Drew Burko had a big day against UBC, throwing for over 300 yards and completing over 80% of his passes (photo Liam Richards for Electric Umbrella)

Result: Drew Burko passed for 328 yards, making Dog Whisperer happy while helping the team to victory as well. His other 3 predictions didn’t turn out as well: the Huskies were held to 112 yards rushing, scored all of their TD’s on offence, and forced UBC into 2 turnovers.

Ryan also had multiple predictions. He predicted that the defence would make two or more interceptions. He also expected 10 or more points to be scored off of those turnovers. Ryan also expected the Huskies to score more than 30 points.
Result: The Huskies scored 39 points, which is Ryan’s only correct prediction for the week. The offence didn’t score 10 points off of turnovers, and Mitch Friesen had the Huskies’ only interception.

Tom predicted that Bryce McCall would make an interception, tying the career CIS mark, and Jahlani Gilbert-Knorren would score his first touchdown of the season.
Result: Not good for me. I struck out with both predicitons.

Dallas, our shutout king from weeks 1 and 2, had three predictions of his own: he predicted a 100 yard rushing performance from a running back, a fumble recovery by the defence, and an interception from the defence as well.
Result: Dallas had the most success in week #3, being correct on his second and third predictions. RB Jeremy Andrew was held to 66 yards rushing, preventing Dallas from achieving a perfect 3 for 3.

Through week #3, Huskie Outsider is now a less than stellar 8/22 on our statistical predictions. Individually, the results look like this:
Ryan: 3/6 (.500)
Dallas: 2/6 (.333)
Dog Whisperer: 2/7 (.286)
Tom: 1/4 (.250)

We’ll be back to embarrass ourselves, again, later this week.

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  1. Dog Whisperer says:

    PENALTY FLAG!!!!! Mr. Moderator UBC did in fact turn it over 3 times, 1 Int., 1 Fumble and once on downs with 6 seconds left. I never like the guy keeping score being one of the participants.

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