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Statistical predictions: how did we do in week #2?

Last Friday, as part of “Three Downs,” our statistical predictions for the Huskies’ week #2 game were posted. Here’s how we did:

Kit Hillis had 11 receptions for 121 yards against Manitoba (photo Derek Mortenson for Electric Umbrella)

Ryan was the only Outsider who made a correct prediction in week #1. For the game against the Bisons, Ryan predicted that Manitoba would have less than 125 yards on the ground and fewer than 170 in the air. He made a second prediction that Kit Hillis would have 7 receptions for over 100 yards.
Result: The Dogs did an amazing job defending the run, only allowing 66 yards on 30 carries. But, they weren’t nearly as successful against the Bison passing game, allowing 317 yards through the air. As for Ryan’s bonus prediction…well, I have a small dilemma here: The competitive side of me wants to point out that Kit Hillis had 11 receptions, while Ryan predicted 7. But the fair-minded side of me acknowledges that Hillis had an outstanding game, and Ryan meant to say 7 or more receptions. Kit also exceeded the century mark, as Ryan predicted, with 121 yards. Ryan ends the week by nailing half of his predictions.

Dallas predicted that the defence would have 3 sacks and 3 interceptions.
Result: Credit goes to the Manitoba OLine here: perhaps they didn’t run block as well as they hoped, but their pass protection was exceptional and they didn’t allow a sack. The Huskie defence made one interception on the afternoon.

Dog Whisperer predicted two picks and a blocked punt for the Huskies.
Result: I’m going to separate Dog Whisperer’s prognostications into two separate predictions: The Huskies came up one interception short on his first prediction. As for the blocked punt, Jeff Moore did even better than blocking a punt when he arrived early enough, on the rush, to tackle the punter. I’m going to credit D.W. with a correct prediction here (BTW, great play Jeff!)

Bryce McCall recorded his first interception of the season (photo Liam Richards for Electric Umbrella)

Tom predicted that Bryce McCall would move closer to the CIS record for interceptions by picking one off in Manitoba.
Result: Bryce came through for me and made the only interception of the game (Thanks Bryce!).

Through week #2, Huskie Outsider is now 4/10 on our statistical predictions. Individually, here is where we stand:
Ryan: 2/3 (.666)
Tom: 1/2 (.500)
Dog Whisperer: 1/3 (.333)
Dallas: 0/3 (.000)

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