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Young guns: Huskies vs Gryphons

After each game, we look at a young player who played a good game.

Dallas: I was impressed with a few players Friday night, but I think the player who showed the most promise is Brydon Ozmun. He looked just as good in the game as he has in practice and I think he will become a starter. Ozmun had three receptions for 29 yards.

Freshman Brydon Ozmun had an impressive game for a first year player (Photo: Derek Mortensen for Electric Umbrella)

Ryan: Dallas took my pick in Brydon Ozmun, who looked impressive for a young receiver. Since Dallas talked about him already, I will also add Jaques Geyer, the linebacker, who had some great special teams plays and was near the ball a lot on defense. Both of those players appear to have a bright future with the Huskies.

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