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Three downs: Huskies vs Gryphons post game

1st down: Who deserves the game ball on offense?

Dallas: I give the offensive game ball to Drew Burko, who looked great in his first game. He was composed, saw the field and threw very well. Drew’s performance was above my expectations.


Receiver Kit HIllis led the Huskies in receptions and total yards on Friday night (Photo Liam Richards for Electric Umbrella).

Ryan: Dallas, I agree with your choice but I will also mention Kit Hillis. Hillis got injured early last season and never rally fully recovered. On Friday night, he had eight receptions for 117 yards, including a 62 yard touchdown. Considering he played in only half the game, those are pretty good numbers. He always seemed to open and the Burko to Hillis combination looks good heading into the season.

2nd down: Who deserves the game ball on defense?
Ryan: Dallas mentions Linebacker Jaques Geyer on special teams, but I am going to nominate him on defense as well. He had six solo tackles and three assists, leading the team. He was extremely physical, on of the rare Huskies who were on Friday night. It was a breakout game for him and nice to see.
Dallas: Richard Zacharias gets my vote. Although he’s at a different position, his play reminds me of Brian Guebert. He goes all out on every play and has a nose for the ball.

3rd down: Who deserves the game ball on special teams?
Dallas:  Jaques Geyer is a deserving recipient of this. He brought the physical game that few of his teammates were delivering last night. He had a couple nice hits on punt cover, not to mention his excellent play on defense.
Ryan: The Huskies used three of four players at every special teams position on Friday night. This made it hard to say that more than one or two players dominate. I did notice Geyer’s hard nosed hitting and Hillis had six punt returns for 39 yards, so those two are deserving. I also liked Charlie Power returning a kick-off for 11 yards, more because it is fun to see those bigger guys with the ball. If I had to give one player the special teams game ball, though, it would be Geyer.

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