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Three downs: Huskie vs Gryphons preview

First Down: What does the offense need to do to have success against Guelph?
Dallas: Ground and pound. I think the key to beating any team this year will be a dominant running game. As BT mentioned early in camp, the offense need to turn what were one-yard or no-gain runs last year into three yard gains, five yard runs into seven yard gains, and so on. Having a dangerous running game from multiple running backs will open up all kinds of opportunities for the passing game.

Jordan Arkko and the Huskies look to ground and pound during tonights’ game (Photo: Liam Richards)

Tom: Success for the offense, to me, would be a balanced attack that is able to sustain some long drives; we saw too many 2-and-outs last season.
Ryan: I agree with both of you guys. It starts up front on offense. The re-tooled O-line needs to assert some physical presence against the Gryphons. Coming out strong with a good opening drive will build this team’s confidence. If the O-Line can provide pass protection to let quarterback Drew Burko get into a rhythm, the Huskies should put some points on the board.

Second Down: What does the defense need to do to have success against Guelph?
Ryan: If the Huskies can limit the running attack early and force the Gryphons to pass, the secondary should have a good game. the Huskies recruited Braxton Lawrence as a DB and he looks to be one of the best on the field. This, along with the increased playing time for some of the younger guys makes in the secodary makes the team look very good.
Tom: Without knowing much about Guelph’s offense, this is hard to answer, but I guess I have high expectations because the defense is loaded with veterans. Hopefully we can limit the rush yards, pressure the QB, pick off a pass or two, and as Huskie defenses are known to do, be very stingy once the opposition gets into the red zone.
Dallas: The defense needs to play within their system, which includes playing aggressively with an edge. If the defense is physical, it could keep the Gryphons from getting into a rhythm and give them alligator arms, as OUA defenses are not usually as aggressive as some in the Canada West.

Third Down: What does the special teams need to do to have success against Guelph?
Dallas: Remember the coaching of Doug Humbert. Coach Humbert is a special teams guru and he puts players in the right places to make plays. Starring on special teams could be the difference between making the roster or red-shirting the season for some players.
Tom: More than anything, I hope to see a strong, consistent, performance from the punters on Friday night.
Ryan: Tom, I agree. It is going to be windy tonight and the kicking game needs some improvement over last year. Denton Kolodzinski and Cole Samson both looked much better in training camp. Let’s hope it transfers into the game.

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