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Three downs: half way through training camp edition

First down: Who/what is the biggest surprise on offense so far?

Tom: For me the biggest surprise on offense is Shane Buchanan. He’s not someone that we’ve mentioned much before this weekend. He entered camp in phenomenal shape – Dexter Janke told me that Shane was in the weight room every day in the off-season, and that he ran with the track team as well. It’s showing on the field in practice, and I think he’s earned himself some playing time.

Drew Burko, at practice yesterday (Photo: Liam Richards)

Dallas: I agree with Tom. I don’t think any of us had Shane Buchanan very high on our depth charts heading into the camp, but he has shown he can play and that he has put the work in to deserve a shot. I can’t wait to see him play against the Gryphons on Friday.

Ryan: I have to go with Drew Burko. Burko has been taking command of the offense and getting better all the time. Although he is a young player, he is showing leadership already. One thing that I wasn’t expecting is how well he is throwing the ball. Maybe Burko shouldn’t be that big of a surprise, but I wasn’t expecting him to be this far along in his development so soon.

Second down: Who/what is the biggest surprise on defense so far?

Dallas: We all knew Brayden Twarynski was one of the top recruits in Western Canada, but even top recruits usually take a year or two to adjust to the speed and size of the CIS game. He looks like he’s a third year veteran. I would be very surprised if he doesn’t make the travel roster if he keeps playing at this level.

Ryan: Richard Zacharius and Corbin Eskleson both came over from Hilltops this season. I like that way that both of them always seem to be in the right spot. They are both great at run support and look to be in the mix for the travel roster.

Braxton Lawrence at camp earlier this season.

Tom: Having watched him play with the Hilltops, I knew that Braxton Lawrence was a very good halfback. What’s surprising is how comfortable he already seems on the field with his new team – he’s a great addition to the Huskies!


Third down: Which young player is climbing the depth chart?

Ryan: Dylan Wright been in the mix on the interior lineman all week long. It is hard to see what happens in the middle on most plays but, after six practices, I have noticed that Wright is a bit further ahead than I thought he would be.

Tom: I don’t know where he would be on the depth chart, but slotback Brydon Ozmun is one of several freshmen who look very good out there. Brydon’s performance is all the more impressive because he sat out spring camp while recovering from injury. This is a very good freshman class.

Dallas: Travoy Martinez is looking like he will be an impact player on offence. He is so fast and elusive, if a little raw. Just like Jahlani Gilbert-Knorren, he has the talent to change the game every time he steps on the field. I’m excited to see him play this season.


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