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Strong training leads to improved test numbers

“This was the first offseason where I’ve had a proper training program to follow,” is what Huskie halfback, Tyler Robson, said of his big improvement in fitness testing compared to last year. Tyler was one of three Huskies mentioned in yesterday’s test results article, along with running back Shane Buchanan and receiver, Charlie Power, who all showed tremendous improvement in their fitness test results. Huskie Outsider spoke with each of them following Saturday’s morning practice.

Tyler Robson takes down a receiver during practice (Photo Derek Mortenson for Liam Richards Photography)

Robson joined the Huskies in 2011, after playing in the BCFC with the Okanagan Sun. This was his first off-season under the guidance of strength and conditioning coach, Bart Arnold. “I stuck to Bart’s program as best as I could,” Tyler told us of his summer of training back home in Kelowna. “If I had any questions, I would contact Bart or Nick (Nick Clark plays a huge role in assisting with the strength and conditioning program; we will be profiling him in the days ahead).” Stepping onto the field, for Thursday’s testing, Tyler had a sense that he would do well. “I knew that I would test better than I did last year…I was actually expecting a little more from my bench press. I was pretty happy with how things went. Here is a quick rundown comparison of Tyler’s 2011 and 2012 test scores:
40 yard dash: 2011: 4.62 seconds/ 2012: 4.51 seconds
Vertical Jump: 2011: 28.3 inches/ 2012: 32.0 inches
Long jump: 2011: 106.3 inches/ 2012: 110 inches
Bench Press: 2011: 11 reps of 225 pounds/ 2012: 15 reps
Pro Agility (shuttle): 2011: 4.21 seconds/ 2012: 4.08 seconds

It is Tyler’s hope that these improved test results lead to improved performance on the field during the 2012 season. “We have a very good secondary, with a lot of guys who can step in. My goal is to earn a starting spot,” Robson commented about where he has set his sights.

“It’s been a real advantage to stay here in Saskatoon, train in the new facility, and be out here on the field all the time,” is how Shane Buchanan summed up his marked improvement in test results. “I just stuck to the program that Nick and Bart made for me. I asked lots of questions of Bart and the veteran Huskies – I just tried to take advantage of the resources available to us. I worked hard.” Even though he knew he was in better condition, Shane’s focus was more on having his conditioning benefit him as a football player, as opposed to thinking about improved numbers: “I wasn’t looking at the numbers too much during my training – I was just doing what I could.” Here is the comparison between Shane’s 2011 and 2012 test scores:
40 yard dash: 2011: 4.85 seconds/ 2012: 4.53 seconds
Vertical Jump: 2011: 28.7 inches/ 2012: 32 inches
Long Jump: 2011: 100 inches/ 2012: 105 inches
Bench Press: 2011: 4 reps of 225 pounds/ 2012: 12 reps
Pro Agility (shuttle): 2011: 4.48 seconds/ 2012: 4.15 seconds

Shane was asked if he has set any goals, for himself, for this 2012 season: “I want to help contribute to the team any way that I can,” he stated. “Whether it’s at running back, specials, or whatever they ask me to to, I just want to contribute.”

Charlie Power (photo Liam Richards for Liam Richards Photography)

This was the first summer that Charlie Power spent in Saskatoon in order to train with his teammates. “I usually go back home to Okotoks. This summer I was here with the boys. There are days when you really don’t feel like working out, but that changes when you see how hard your fellow Huskies are working. I pushed myself this summer, and I thought that I would come out here and do well in testing.”As many of you know, Charlie has switched positions from linebacker to slotback, a move instigated by the coaching staff last winter. This position switch was another advantage of staying in Saskatoon over the summer. “It helped to be out here catching balls and running routes. I’m getting more comfortable,” Charlie said of the move to receiver. “My route running still needs work, but it’s coming along.” Here is a comparison between Charlie’s test numbers in 2011 and 2012:
40 yard dash: 2011: 4.69 seconds/ 2012: 4.55 seconds
Vertical Jump: 2011: 28.7 inches/ 2012: 30 inches
Long Jump: 2011: 105.5 inches/ 2012: 110 inches
Bench Press: 2011: 22 reps/ 2012: 26 reps
Pro Agility (shuttle): 2011: 4.08 seconds/ 2012: 3.98 seconds

Before camp is over, we will ask strength and conditioning coach, Bart Arnold, to discuss the hard work and dedication shown by his players during the off-season.

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